Mel B Hits Back at Ex Stephen Belafonte Over Claims She Brainwashed Their Daughter

Mel B a.k.a Melanie Brown has slammed ex-husband Stephen Belafonte over allegations she has brainwashed their daughter. The former Spice Girls star finalized her divorce from the film producer in December 2017, reaching an agreement over their shared assets and custody of their six-year-old daughter Madison following a messy legal battle.

Belafonte is now attempting to win visitation rights to his step-daughter Angel, whose father is Eddie Murphy, and recently alleged in legal documents that Mel had a “long-running plan” to alienate her children from their fathers. He requested the judge order Madison into therapy, “to shield her from the acrimony surrounding the divorce”, and the “America’s Got Talent” judge, real name Melanie Brown, has now fired back at his allegations, according to new documents obtained by TMZ.

Mel claims she reached out to Belafonte late last year to get counselling for their six-year-old daughter, but instead of agreeing, she claims her ex-husband waited to file documents in court accusing her of brainwashing Madison.

In the latest round of the bitter lawsuit, Mel said therapy for their daughter was her idea all along, and even suggested possible doctors for the youngster to see. The singer slams Belafonte’s brainwashing allegations as “nonsense,” and claims he has no evidence to support his accusations.

Last month, the film producer accused Mel of trying to poison Madison against him by claiming that he was abusive towards Angel.

According to TMZ, Belafonte claims the former Spice Girl had a long-running plan to alienate her children from their fathers and did her utmost to alienate eldest daughter Phoenix, 19, from her dad Jimmy Gulzar while they were married. The 42-year-old has always strenuously denied all of his former wife’s allegations about his abusive behaviour during their marriage.

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