Melania Trump Didn’t Publicly Wish Donald Trump Happy Birthday, But POTUS Says That He Got Something From Her

Melania Trump failed to wish her husband a happy birthday publicly, and some of the president’s critics are celebrating her silence. However, according to Newsweek, Donald Trump insists that the first lady didn’t completely snub him on his special day.

Donald Trump turned 72 years old yesterday, and all of his adult children took to social media to wish him a happy birthday. The first lady is well aware of her husband’s affinity for Twitter, but Melania Trump did not use the president’s favorite social media platform to tell him how happy she was that he had lived another year. However, as reported by the International Business Times, Melania was simply returning the favor; the president failed to acknowledge the first lady’s 48th birthday back in April.

Donald Trump dug himself into an even deeper hole when he said that he was too busy to “be running out looking for presents” for his wife, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. This coming from a man who has managed to find plenty of time to golf, air his grievances on Twitter, and watch Fox & Friends. Speaking of which, Trump cleared up some space in his schedule to chat with one of the hosts of his favorite cable show this morning. The impromptu interview was conducted on the White House lawn, where the president claimed that Melania Trump didn’t give him the cold shoulder on his birthday. He told Steve Doocy that the first lady’s birthday gift to him “was a lot of good kisses.”

Melania Trump has made few public appearances since adult film star Stormy Daniels broke her silence about her affair with the president, and this has sparked speculation that Melania’s marriage is not a happy one. Her recent absence from the public eye can be attributed to the kidney surgery that she underwent last month, but this doesn’t explain why she didn’t make the minimal effort it would have taken to send out a tweet wishing Donald Trump a happy birthday. In deciding not to do so, she denied her husband the extra adulation he would have received from his supporters on Twitter.

Based on Donald Trump’s recent comments about North Korea, veneration would be the best birthday gift anyone could give him. As reported by CNN, he expressed admiration for the way murderous dictator Kim Jong Un uses his power to scare his country’s citizens into feigning respect for him.

“He speaks and his people sit up at attention,” the president said of the man he has described as “funny” and “very talented.” “I want my people to do the same.”

He later claimed that he was joking, but it’s no secret that Donald Trump is sensitive to criticism. He has a habit of using Twitter to lash out at those who voice their disapproval of him, and Melania Trump’s silence just gave his critics some more ammunition, as evidenced by the tweets below.

As reported by AOL, Melania Trump did tweet a snapshot of the “big, beautiful card” that she gave her husband for his 71st birthday last year. However, it became the butt of Twitter jokes after people noticed a small orange splotch on the cardstock. Some quipped that it was a “covfefe” stain or Donald Trump’s tiny thumbprint. It was also suggested that it was a teardrop from a face sprayed with self-tanner — or one covered in makeup.

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