Melania Trump Pulled Her Hand Out of Donald Trump’s Grip After the Final Debate (Video)

Many times throughout Donald Trump‘s presidency, we’ve seen videos of his wife Melania Trump pulling her hand away from him… and it has happened again.

The First Lady of the United States was seen seemingly yanking her hand out of her husband’s grip after the final presidential debate on Thursday night (October 22) in Nashville, Tenn.

Melania stepped on stage at the end of the debate, wearing a mask, and she held hands with Donald while acknowledging the audience and photographers. Moments later when they turned to walk off stage, she pulled her arm forward to release her grip with her husband.

You can watch a video of the moment below.

During the debate, a famous singer who allegedly had an affair with Donald Trump Jr. back in 2011 revealed some juicy claims about nearly all of the president’s kids.

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