Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Don’t Text, Which Is Apparently The Key To Their Happy Marriage

What’s the key to a happy marriage? There are plenty of theories out there. Some people say it’s honesty. Others say it’s constant communication. Some swear by marrying your best friend. A lot of people say it’s about maintaining trust and a healthy sex drive. But one celeb couple has a very old school tip that I promise you haven’t heard of before. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban don’t text and they swear that’s one of the reasons behind their 12-year-long marriage.

I know, I know… I can’t even fathom it either. Honestly, when I think about it, my relationship has totally been built upon a text-based foundation. Our entire courtship took place over text. Then we started dating and the texts just got more and more important. Dinner plans? We make them over text. Silently sh*t-talking people we both hate while we sit in the same room as them? OBVIOUSLY, WE DO IT OVER TEXT. Pre-emptively apologizing before an inevitable fight? Over text. Keeping in touch throughout the day when we’re traveling? Over text. You get the picture. We text a lot.

OK… so the new key to a happy marriage? Have fun with each other, balance everything, and, lastly, STOP TEXTING. (But keep sexting. That’s probably just fine.)

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