Paloma Faith Reveals Weak Pregnancy Is Due to ‘Scarring’ From Her Last Birth

The pregnant singer/songwriter is focusing on carrying her unborn baby to full-term as she explains why she has a ‘pretty weak’ pregnancy following a recent hospital visit.

AceShowbizPaloma Faith is focusing on carrying her unborn baby to full-term – and “not catching Covid.”

The 39-year-old singer recently had a scare when she started cramping and after being checked over by her doctors, she was told she has a “super thin” womb lining due to scarring from the birth of her first child but the baby is fine.

Paloma wrote on Instagram, “Pregnancy diary: Had a little trip to the MFAU this week with some cramping but they ruled out preterm labour (phew) and rigged me up to the machine for a bit. In the scan, it shows that the womb lining is super thin around the scarring from the last birth and that means it’s pretty weak.”

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“Maybe the baby being so big (everyone says wow super long legs when they scan me) is putting pressure on it and making it a bit crampy, who knows. But what I do know is the hospitals are doing an incredible job in all this at keeping the maternity-related wards so clean and so calm given that the other day we had the highest death toll of covid related deaths so far.”

She continued, “It’s really incredible, and when I also find out that the tories have just signed away the protection of the NHS in future trade deals internationally. Devastating! I’m just focusing on keeping my baby in for full-term and not catching covid, and how amazing the staff of the hospitals are for now. Anyone else having a baby in this mess, I stand with you all, we can do this and live to tell the tale! Hugs for everyone xxx (sic).”

Meanwhile, Paloma, who already has a daughter with boyfriend Leyman Lahcine, recently said she is feeling so much anxiety about the world around her that she’s refused to go outside again until she’s given birth.

Paloma said, “My anxiety is through the roof … Some people I knew approached me in the park yesterday as I was taking my little one for a walk for some exercise and I felt like I was going to break down into tears begging them not to come near as I scrambled to put both our masks on. They were so kind and empathetic and kept away but I vowed that would be the last time I step outside my house again until the baby is born.”

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