Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend allegedly assaulted by wife with a crutch

Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt called the cops on his wife after she allegedly beat him with a crutch.

Natalie Sutton was arrested early Saturday morning in Paradise Valley, AZ, and charged with a class 1 misdemeanor charge for criminal damage and a class 1 misdemeanor charge for assault, People reported. Sutton and Reinhardt, who was using crutches because he was recovering from ACL surgery, went to dinner and returned to their hotel when Sutton allegedly became angry and began swinging his crutch at his bad knee and head.

Reinhardt called police, who arrested her on the spot, according to TMZ. She was released later Saturday and ordered not to go near him.

“The Hills” alum filed for divorce from Sutton on Monday.

Page Six has reached out to police for comment.

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