Paris Jackson Pulls Her Pants Down To Reveal Lacy Thong While Getting New Butt Tattoo — See Pic

Someone’s got some new ink! Paris Jackson shared a photo of herself getting tattooed on her butt, and she managed to make the process look quite sexy. Check it out!

Paris Jackson already has plenty of tattoos, and it looks like she recently added another one to the collection. The 20-year-old shared a photo of herself getting some fresh ink on June 11. The pic shows her lying on the table while she gets tatted on her right butt cheek, with her pants pulled down to make the skin visible to her tattoo artist. Paris’ slim figure and lacy pink thong are on full display in the pic, along with her long legs which seem to go on for miles!

She didn’t share a second photo of the finished product, so it’s unclear what the art is of or what inspired it. She captioned the pic with a simple heart emoji, so perhaps that’s a hint at what she got drawn on!? Paris’ arms and chest are covered in tattoos, so this new spot is fairly covered up from many of her others. She’s never been shy about posting sexy photos, though, so perhaps she will give us a glimpse at what she added to her body art collection at some point in the future!

Paris has been quite open on social media this week. Just days before the NSFW tattoo pic, she posted an emotional video about the five-year anniversary of her suicide attempt. She got choked up in the clip, and promised her followers that it “gets better,” even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Paris has made headlines over the last recent months because of her close friendship with Cara Delevingne. Although the ladies have not confirmed if their relationship is more than platonic, they’ve been pretty inseparable, and have even been photographed holding hands. They’re both known for being private about their relationships, though, so we might never get the full scoop on this one!

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