PG&E Whistleblower Erin Brockovich Describes Chaos in East Palestine

Erin Brockovich — the famous paralegal turned activist who helped a massive PG&E scandal in the ’90s — has seen the aftermath in East Palestine … and according to her, it’s grim.

We got Erin at LAX Friday, where she’d just arrived from a visit in Ohio … meeting and helping folks, while surveying the damage and assessing the needs of the community. As she put it to us flatly, the situation is dire there … and residents are without clear answers.

Based on what EB’s seen, she says the area — including groundwater and residential wells — are very much contaminated … despite government agencies and other politicians trying to tell the folks living there otherwise. Erin says there’s contradictory information flying all over.

She even describes some symptoms of sickness she says she felt just by being in East Palestine for an extended period of time — and it sounds very hazardous and dangerous.

Aftermath in East Palestine Ohio

So, on the question of next steps … Erin says a lot of people living in the town have already lawyered up, which is her specialty. Apparently, there’s massive class action lawsuits in the works, and it sounds like Norfolk Southern — the company whose train derailed — might have to pay out the nose for damages these people are alleging … assuming they settle.

Now, when it comes to President Biden — who has yet to visit in person, and has shown no signs of wanting to go — Erin tells us he might be better off staying away. The people of Ohio are angry, and he may have already missed his chance to show face and sympathy.

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