Prince Louis ‘warned to be on best behaviour’ at the Coronation, says royal expert

Following his memorably funny antics at the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee, many are waiting to see if Prince Louis gets up to any of his old tricks at King Charles' Coronation on 6 May.

The Prince and Princess Of Wales' youngest child – who will have recently turned five at the time – will be one of 2,000 guests at Westminster Abbey for the ancient ceremony.

He is then expected to join his parents and elder siblings in a carriage behind The King and Queen Camilla who will travel in The Gold State Coach back to Buckingham Palace to stand on the famous balcony.

As to what the young royal will be doing on the day, former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond explained that Prince Louis will have been made aware of the gravity of the occasion.

Jennie exclusively told OK! "Ever since the Queen's death, and most especially in recent months, the Prince and Princess of Wales will have been slowly bringing their children around to the idea that this is a very, very important occasion.

"I think with George, they will be able to sit down and have a more adult discussion about it, but they would have been easing Charlotte and Louis into the fact that this is a huge day, an important day, and a day where they've got to behave – probably telling Louis, particularly you have got to behave.

"I imagine it must be quite tricky for the children because this is something that sets them apart from their peers and from everyone else at their school, but they must be excited.

"I should think they have a lot of emotions going through them – excitement and nerves, of course, but also pride at the fact their grandfather is The King

"There is probably a bit of embarrassment too that they might have to wear some very peculiar clothes and be the centre of attention on the day, as well as a good measure of pressure.

"They will be feeling the building pressure to be on their very best behaviour as the day gets closer, but whether that penny will entirely drop with Louis remains to be seen!"

Prince Louis memorably had a fun time during the late monarch's Platinum Jubilee and was pictured pulling various faces throughout the four-day celebration.

Trooping the Colour on 2 June was the first insight the public had to Prince Louis' cheeky antics as we saw him sitting with his siblings in the carriage and waving uncontrollably to the crowds. When the royals returned to Buckingham Palace to watch the RAF flypast, Louis had equally as much fun making funny faces and covering his ears at the loud noise.

The final day was equally as memorable as we saw several young royals sitting with their parents in the stands to watch the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. For Prince Louis' part, he delighted the crowds as he stood on the chairs, danced, pulled faces, covered his mum's mouth and ran between sitting with his different relatives.


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