Prince William would prefer it if Harry ‘never stepped foot in England again’

To be clear, not even 24 hours after Buckingham Palace leaked the Frogmore Cottage eviction news, the palace then frantically leaked the excuse that they simply had to reshuffle Windsor properties because Prince William and Kate have their hearts set on Royal Lodge. King Charles threw his heir right under the bus as a matter of momentary convenience. Now, don’t get me wrong – I have no doubt that William was throwing a tantrum about Prince Andrew living in a bigger, grander house than Adelaide Cottage. It’s just that BP can’t keep their story straight about why the Sussexes absolutely needed to be evicted. Well, now the Daily Beast’s Royalist column has a new exclusive from Prince William’s perspective. William is still catatonic with rage about all things Sussex, and I get the feeling it’s getting harder and harder for people to hide William’s unhinged stalking of his younger brother’s every move. Some highlights:

William is working in partnership with Charles: The source, a friend of King Charles and Camilla and the wider family, told The Daily Beast: “Charles is not making these decisions in isolation. He has the support of his son and heir and is working in partnership with him. They are a unit and are closer than ever.”

The coronation: The Daily Beast understands that Harry and Meghan will still be invited to the coronation, and that the family and officials are still acting under the assumption they will be there. The friend reiterated this, saying: “It is clearly entirely up to them if they accept the invite. Plans are being made on the basis that they will.”

Where will the Sussexes stay if they do come to the Chubbly? Asked where the Sussexes would stay if they did come, given that their home is being packed up and has to be surrendered immediately after the Coronation, and is thus unlikely to be fit for habitation, the friend said that secure arrangements for the couple would “of course” be made if they chose to come.

William hates Harry: Another source, an old friend of both William and Harry’s, who is no longer in contact with Harry, told the Daily Beast: “William won’t shed a tear if Harry doesn’t make it. He feels utterly betrayed by Harry. Relations have never been this bad, and he hates him for what he has done to the family in the books and interviews. He will support whatever decision his dad makes but it’s no secret he would prefer it if he wasn’t there, or, indeed, never stepped foot in England again.” Asked if comments made by King Charles in his accession address in which he said he wished to express his love for Harry and Meghan “as they continue to build their lives overseas” could now be seen as an order to the couple to avoid the U.K., the friend said: “You’d think they would take the hint by now.”

Whether the Waleses will move into Royal Lodge: The friend said they had no idea if William and Kate would eventually move into Royal Lodge, as has been rumored in some quarters, although a palace source told The Daily Beast that William and Kate are “very happy” in their present accommodation, Adelaide Cottage, a four-bedroom home on the Windsor Estate. There has also been speculation that the Waleses could move into Windsor Castle itself.

The cost of living crisis, y’all: However, The Daily Beast understands the king is acutely concerned about appearances of extravagance while a cost-of-living crisis batters Britain. A friend of the king’s this week told The Daily Beast: “Charles has made it quite clear he wants to reduce the size of the royal estate. It’s not a good look for a house to be sitting empty, so it can accommodate Harry and Meghan once in a blue moon.”

[From The Daily Beast]

This piece reminded me of the Daily Mail columnists’ repeated attacks on King Charles for showing “weakness” – the Mail “constituency” certainly tried to egg on Charles to attack the Sussexes even further, to deny them a Chubbly invite, to ensure that they were still being punished in some way. This is Charles’s answer, only now the Daily Mail constituency is like “whoa whoa whoa, you’re evicting your son from the home he paid for?” I mean, the Mail isn’t that bothered by it, but still. You could really tell this week that there was an internal struggle in the British media to spin this news favorably for Charles and NOT make him look like a dogsh-t father.

As for William… “he hates him for what he has done to the family in the books and interviews… it’s no secret he would prefer it if he wasn’t there, or, indeed, never stepped foot in England again.” William has always had this medieval streak in him, like he believes he has the right to single-handedly exile his brother or force Harry to do his bidding. That’s what William’s violent assault of Harry was about in 2019 – William was trying to force Harry to divorce Meghan or exile Meghan or do something so that Harry could be “his” again.

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