Ralph Macchio, 59, reveals the secret to his youthful looks

Cobra Kai star Ralph Macchio, 59, reveals the tricks behind his youthful looks: ‘I’ve just gotten lucky in the gene department’

The Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio has revealed the secrets behind his youthful appearance at age 59.

In an interview with People, the actor attributed his continued good looks to a healthy lifestyle and genetics.

‘Listen – I blame my parents,’ the Cobra Kai star told the website. ‘They both look very young for their age. I have a youthful energy about me for some reason. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t hurt. But I think I’ve just gotten lucky in the gene department.’

‘I’ve just gotten lucky in the gene department’: Ralph Macchio revealed how he has continued to stay youthful-looking at age 56

Though it’s been decades since Macchio rose to stardom as a teen on The Karate Kid series, he is still recognized by fans of the beloved movies.

‘I always joke that if there’s a fly in a restaurant, I have about nine seconds to get out before someone’s handing me a pair of chopsticks,’ he told the site.

Nowadays, Macchio has been back on small screens in the popular Cobra Kai series, which follows the adventures of the Karate Kid characters years after the events of the movies.

The show originated on YouTube Red, but has since moved onto Netflix, where it recently premiered its third season. 

Fan favorite: Despite decades having past since The Karate Kid first debuted, Macchio is still recognized by fans 

A fourth season is in the works, but many fans have wondered if it will be the show’s last.

Series creators/showrunners Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg spoke with TV Line on Sunday, where they revealed Season 4 will not be its last, though they have an ‘endgame’ they’re working on.

‘We have an endgame in our heads. We’ve had one for quite some time, and it’s not in Season 4. It’s well beyond that,’ Heald said.

Iconic: Ralph played Daniel in the wildly beloved Karate Kid series 

He added that they have multiple seasons ‘worth of story that is necessary to tell before we get to that endgame,’ though he also understood it’s not all up to them.

‘That will be a discussion going forward with our new partners at Netflix. Can we write to that endgame? Can we know that it’s coming? That’s not always the case with television and we respect that,’ he said.

‘For now, we’re continuing to write at the same speed and with the same path that we set out with from the beginning,’ Heald added.

The adventures continue: The adventures of Daniel and his rival Johnny continue in Cobra Kai (Daniel pictured with his mentor, Miyagi)

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