Rebecca Black Is ‘Deeply Ashamed’ For Participating in Offensive Joke About The Holocaust With Shane Dawson

Rebecca Black is owning up to her past mistakes and apologizing to her fans for participating in a joke about the Holocaust.

The joke in question happened many years ago during a video with Shane Dawson, who is under fire for a lot of things this week, including trying to bring down James Charles in a grand scheme and sexualizing Willow Smith.

“I am deeply ashamed to have taken part in such an offensive bit,” Rebecca wrote on Twitter, following fans re-surfacing the video to call her and Shane out on it. “Yes I was 16, uncomfortable, and didn’t know this was coming.”

She adds, “Shane, I know that deep down you are trying to learn and grow. But we must do better & take complete responsibility for how harmful this is. @shanedawson.”

Rebecca also added a true apology for her actions.

“I am so sorry to those I have hurt,” she wrote. “I wish what I would have done was shut such an offensive joke down, rather than uncomfortably play into something I deep down knew was wrong.”

You can watch the joke in question below:

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