Richard E Grant praises King Charles III for treatment of late wife

Richard E Grant talks about navigating grief since death of wife

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Richard E Grant, 65, has revealed that King Charles III had arranged to visit his late wife, Joan Washington, before she died from lung cancer last year. The star said in his recent memoir that the king and former prince was “extraordinarily kind”. 

Joan Washington was a celebrity voice coach who had trained the likes of actresses Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz. 

The actor’s beloved wife sadly died last September at the age of 74. 

In Richard’s new memoir, A Pocketful of Happiness, he praised the new King for his unfailing kindness. 

He said Charles and his wife Camilla had sent long letters and also arranged to visit Joan in Highgrove House at the time. 

Richard, who is an ambassador of The Prince’s Trust, told the Mail On Sunday’s You Magazine: “He’s a well-documented fan of accents and The Goon Show.

“As my wife was an accent coach he loved her ability to do different voices.

“They were both extraordinarily kind, visiting and so on, given how busy he is.”

It comes as the former Prince of Wales ascended to the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday in Balmoral. 

Richard, in the new book, went on to praise a series of other celebrities who didn’t leave his side during the grieving period. 

He said TV chef Nigella Lawson would personally send over comfort food for him every Sunday. 

Gabriel Byrne, who played an alcoholic father in Richard’s 2005 film Wah-Wah, sat for hours chatting with Joan in their Cotswold cottage.

Speaking about his grief, Grant said: “Like the weather, it changes a lot every hour. Something can trigger you completely unexpectedly.


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“You’ll be standing in the supermarket and just have to crumple because something has reminded you.

“Or you see somebody that you haven’t seen for a while who you then have to console as they’re upset because they have just heard what’s happened to my wife.

“So I think you don’t get over grief – and I know this from the death of our first child – but you go around it. It’s a daily navigation.”

He recently took to Twitter to mark a year since the death of Joan. 

Richard shared a short, sweet, video clip of himself and Joan dancing in their home with his 315,100 followers. 

In the clip, their daughter, Olivia Grant, filmed the cute couple as they swayed lovingly to Yazoo’s Only You, as Joan cosied in tight to her husband. 

The caption read: “Still cannot compute that my beloved wife, Joan, mother of our daughter @OliviaGranted died a year ago, this evening. 

“Holding each other’s hands until her final earthly breath. Forever dancing in my heart.” 

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