Riley Curry Cheers For Dad Steph At Oakland Warriors Parade & Totally Steals The Show: Cute Video

Riley Curry could not have been more adorable celebrating her dad Stephen’s big win at the Warriors victory parade on June 12. And, like always, she totally hammed it up for the fans! Watch her dance on a float.

Once again, Stephen Curry‘s, 30, adorable daughter Riley Curry, 5, stole the spotlight at the Warriors parade in Oakland on June 12. Known for making a splash on camera, Riley turned heads while moving and grooving up on a float and celebrating like a total champ. She was by Steph’s side as well as next to her mom, Ayesha Curry, 29, and she looked beyond cute sporting a striped sundress and Princess Leia buns. Even better — her hilarious victory stance was caught on camera!

In the video, Riley can be seen looking completely jazzed to be not only at the parade but IN it. At first she claps her hands and dances around a little bit, but then she puts her arms up in the air like goal posts and turns around for everyone to get a view — talk about a champion move! Riley is no stranger to NBA games and all the festivities that come with them. After all, Steph has helped lead the Golden State Warriors to the finals for the past four years — winning it all the past two years in a row.

Last year after her dad’s team won the finals, Riley also made headlines for being adorable during the Warriors’ parade. She was caught hilariously sticking her tongue out at fans, and the internet ate it up. In addition, Riley’s little sister Ryan Curry, 2, is just as sassy and sweet! Last year she looked precious during the parade as she waved to Warriors fans while mom Ayesha held her in her arms.

Of course the family pics of the Currys posing with the championship trophy last year also went viral, proving fans seriously cannot get enough of this adorable family. But Ayesha, who’s currently pregnant with baby number three, has her concerns about her daughter being such an internet sensation. “It’s scary because we didn’t expect [Riley’s popularity] to happen, so that’s been a whole learning process in itself,” Ayesha told New York magazine in October 2016.

“We say no to a lot of requests. Riley goes to school, comes home, we play with her, and keep her out of the spotlight as much as we can. But at the end of the day, she’s our child, and we’re all about family.”

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