Rita Ora Denies Jay-Z Affair Rumors Again

It doesn’t add up. Rita Ora continues to insist she couldn’t be Becky with the good hair, and this time she’s citing evidence.

“Hey, all I want to say to that is, ‘Dude, if I were Becky with the good hair, wouldn’t I actually have to have good hair?’” the singer, 27, told the U.K.’s Sunday Times in an interview published on Sunday, May 6. “Look at it. It’s all weave and extensions.”

“Becky with the good hair” is a line from Beyoncé’s song “Sorry.” In the Lemonade track, the singer accuses her man of infidelity and tells him to call the other woman, a.k.a. Becky. Rumors swirled about Becky’s identity after the tune was released in April 2016, with Ora among the celebs thought to be the woman with whom Jay-Z, 48, cheated on Beyoncé, 36.

One day after “Sorry” was released, the U.K. native shared a photo of herself on Snapchat wearing a lemonade-emblazoned bra and what appeared to be a “J” necklace. Beyoncé’s fans flooded Ora’s social media with harsh comments and bee and lemon emojis as a result.

The Fifty Shades Freed actress asserted her love for the “Formation” songstress in the Times interview: “Nobody can ever say anything wrong about that woman in front of me. I get emotional just talking about it.”

Ora first denied she was Becky in April 2016. She later took a selfie with Beyoncé at the 2016 Met Gala and wore a “Not Becky” pin to a Met Gala afterparty. The “For You” singer called the rumors “incredibly rude and disrespectful” in September of that year. She added: “First and foremost, Jay-Z is my inspiration and one of my idols — lyrically, musically, business-wise. I still look up to him and his wife every day. Beyoncé was one of my biggest idols growing up.”

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