Rosie O’Donnell Unsure How Much ‘Room’ She Has for Future Girlfriends in Her Life

The ‘SMILF’ actress insists she’s content with her life after breaking with girlfriend because she gets much of what she needs in life from art and ‘intellectual debate.’

AceShowbizRosie O’Donnell has developed a “routine” of being single. The “SMILF” star, 61, broke up with her TikTokker partner Aimee Hauer, 43, in October 2022 after less than a year together and says she is not sure how much “room” she has for future girlfriends in her life, and gets much of what she needs in life from art and “intellectual debate.”

“I got it all kind of like a well-oiled machine and I don’t know how much room, I have to tell you the God’s honest truth,” Rosie told Page Six.

The comic added she is still not closing off the chance of romance. She said, “If something happened naturally, you know, maybe. But I don’t know. I’ve kind of settled in my routine. I’m always open to surprises.”

“I’m open to see what falls in front of me, what wonderful pieces of art I get to consume – whether it’s listening to a podcast or whether it’s watching the latest episode of ‘Succession‘ or that new show ‘Beef‘. I really thrive on wonderful art, wonderful conversation, intellectual debate… and what I like to consume and it keeps me creatively inspired.”

A month before Rosie split from Aimee, she gushed about her on the “Howard Stern Show”, “I watched her little videos and every time I saw her I would smile and (be) like, ‘This woman is perfect. Look at her, she’s so happy and enthusiastic and bright and she has a light coming from her.’ ” She added she was very much “in love” and described Hauer as “really kind and wonderful.”

Rosie was previously married to producer Kelli Carpenter, 55, with whom she has children Parker, 27, Chelsea, 25, Blake, 23, and Vivienne, 20, as well as singer Michelle Rounds – who died by suicide in 2017 – and with whom she adopted daughter Dakota, 10.

The comedian was also engaged to Boston police officer Elizabeth Rooney, 38, but the pair split in late-2019 after two years together.

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