Roy Keane was desperate to ‘go home to wife and kids’ even after winning Champions League

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Football player and manager Roy Keane once admitted he was desperate to return home to his wife and children after winning the Champions League in 1999. The star wasn’t so interested in celebrating with his teammates, but instead wanted to return to his long-time wife Theresa and their children. 

Roy, 50, is a footballing legend, playing as an enforcer for Nottingham Forest, Man Utd and Celtic.

However, over the years Roy has also proved himself to be a loyal husband and family man. 

He and his wife Theresa share five children together and have been married for 20 years. 

The former footballer appears to be completely devoted to his family and even gave a rare insight into his homelife in his eponymous autobiography.

Writing about winning the Champions League in 1999, Roy confessed he “longed to go home to Theresa and the kids” and wasn’t interested in enjoying a boozy after-party with his fellow players. 

Despite his desire to spend more time with his family after stepping back from football, Roy admitted they were actually keen for him to get back to work after just two months.

“My plan when I first stopped was, we’re going to go on some family trips, we’re going to be like the Waltons,” he joked.

“We’re all going to spend time together, go walk in the park and after a month or two they didn’t have the same plan as me so I think they were kind of missing me going to work.

“I got offered the job at Sunderland and I was away on a family holiday and my family were looking at me… 

“Not saying it directly but going we kind of enjoy your company but not too much of it so when the job came back up they were saying you should go for it.”

Roy and Theresa’s children are named Shannon, Caragh, Aidan, Leah and Alanna.

The public know very little about Roy’s wife Theresa, but he did provide some insight into how they met in an interview years ago. 

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It was in 1992, when the midfielder was playing for Forest under Brian Clough.

Roy recalled: “I spotted a beautiful girl in a club in town. Her name was Theresa Doyle but she blanked me.

“She was in a steady relationship and didn’t seem at all impressed by Roy Keane, the great footballer. 

“In fact, I think my reputation was a downer for all kinds of reasons,” he admitted.

“From time to time we ran into each other around Nottingham,” he continued.

“I knew some of her friends, who told me Theresa was a dentist’s assistant.

“Eventually, after her relationship broke up, she relented and we went out together. I was in love.”

The pair got married in a private ceremony at the Church of Our Lady Crowned in Mayfield, which is situated in Roy’s birthplace of Cork.

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