Russell Brand’s mother suffered ‘life-threatening injuries’ in car crash

Russell Brand has canceled his ReBirth tour after his mother was critically injured in a car accident.

The comedian, 42, took to social media to share his devastating new with his 12.3million followers, revealing mom Barbara, 71, had suffered “numerous life-threatening injuries.”

Speaking from the hospital, Russell said: “I apologize, but obviously it’s circumstances beyond my control. What I realise in this situation is the importance of people you love and how often this kind of thing happens.

“When you’re in the hospital you’re surrounded by people who are dealing with traumatic situations, suffering and pain – it brings you to a kind of bare and raw truth.”

Russell told how his mom had only finished chemotherapy for her sixth bout of cancer a month ago.

He continued: “I’m sad for my mum … really vulnerable. She only finished chemotherapy a month ago and for her to be in this situation already is very difficult. The man who was driving, a friend of mine, Taz, he’s making a good recovery.

“What I would like to say is how I’m reminded of the importance and significance of the NHS who have saved her life on six occasions, my mum’s had cancer six times, and to see the way the medical professionals operate is a phenomenal thing we should be really proud if it.

“Think of it as the soul of this country when people are benevolent and kind and do something valuable for a living.”

The star said he would be taking a break from social media and tickets for the tour would be refunded.

Barbara was pulled bleeding from the comedian’s chauffeur-driven limo on Thursday after a hit-and-run smash.

She was in the back of an Audi A8 which crashed with a Vauxhall Astra.

Its driver fled after getting into another car.

Barbara had been on her way to babysit at the star’s home.

Russell and wife Laura, 30, have a daughter Mabel, 18 months.

A witness, who gave first aid, said: “The Astra came round the corner and lost control. It went straight into the Audi.”

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