Ryan Edwards’ Arrest Sheds New Light On His Shocking Drug Addiction: Cops Found 1.8 Grams Of Heroin

Ryan Edwards’ arrest report from 2017 revealed some shocking details about the extent of his drug addiction. Find out the details from the report here.

Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards, 30, has been vocal about his struggles with drug addiction, specifically heroin. Fans were there when he was arrested in March 2017 for Possession of Heroin and Paraphernalia, when he went to rehab, and now — when he was arrested for violating his probation from last year’s arrest. The arrest report from 2017 has now been revealed, and the details of what happened that day are harrowing. Ryan was pulled over in a traffic stop in Tennessee for having expired tags. While being questioned by a police officer, another cop saw a hypodermic needle in an open backpack in Ryan’s backseat, according to the arrest report.

“I asked Edwards if he had any medical conditions and he replied, ‘No.’ I then asked why he had a hypodermic needle in his backpack and he replied, ‘I don’t know.’ I told him that the vehicle will be searched and he should inform me if there are more and Edwards replied, ‘Yes, probably,’” the arresting officer wrote. Ultimately, police found 14 hypodermic needles in the car, two silver spoons “with residue on them,” and a small scale in the backpack. There was also a baggie tied together in the center console of the car, filled with a black substance. 

“I asked Edwards what it was and he replied, ‘It’s heroin and I have a problem,’” the officer wrote. After weighing it, police discovered Ryan was carrying a whopping 1.8 grams of heroin. Read the full arrest report, obtained by Radar Online, HERE. Ryan was arrested on Misdemeanor Possession of Heroin and Paraphernalia and put on probation.

He was arrested at his home in Tennessee on March 27, 2018 for violating probation, but what he did to violate it is unclear. The arrest came just one day after he announced that he and wife Mackenzie Standifer, 21, were having a baby. Ryan’s ex, Teen Mom star Maci Bookout, told Radar Online at the time that he was released and had passed a drug test. 

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