Ryan Reynolds Roasts Kanye West After Rapper Claims ‘Deadpool 2’ Music ‘Sounds Similar’ To His

Kanye West has revealed he’s a major fan of the ‘Deadpool’ movies, including the films’ music. We’ve got star Ryan Reynold’s epic reaction to Ye’s claim that his own tunes are so similar.

Somewhere in Kanye West ‘s incredibly busy life he’s had time to take in the two Deadpool movies. It turns out that not only is he a massive fan, he’s down with his music being used in any of the upcoming films in the franchise. The 41-year-old tweeted his message of total support on June 12 and got a hilarious response back from the movie’s star Ryan Reynolds. “I love both Deadpool movies…” Yeezy tweeted along with a bunch of fire emojis. “I heard tracks in it that sound similar to mine… bro I would have cleared my music for Deadpool.” Wow, Kanye doesn’t usually allow outside use of his beloved and genius sounds, so being willing to let the Deadpool films have access to his tunes is a huge honor.

He followed it up with an additional tweet writing “Your guys writing and approach is so innovative…I love how you guys break the 4th wall…thank you for being innovative and please know I’m down to clear next time.” With the smashing success of Deadpool 2, there will definitely be  more films to come in the franchise. It’s made almost $300 million in domestic U.S. box office alone so we can see why Ye would want to be associated with it.

Wade/Deadpool himself Ryan had an epic comeback that is just as snarky as his character is. He responded directly to Kanye’s tweet by replying “Agree. I’m having a word with Celine Dion.” HAH! Celine performed the song “Ashes” in the latest Deadpool film and Ryan appeared in character for the epic music video. Fans reacted to the 41-year-old’s cheeky comment with replies including “Ryan is the incarnation of sarcasm,” and another wrote to him “I would love to hear Kanye ‘sing’ Ashes and twirl around the stage in latex. Nothing’s too cray for Kanye!” Another fan added, “I dunno, a Celine Dion duet with Kanye sounds like some bizarre Deadpool sh*t. It makes sense” while someone else pointed out, “This just became my favourite thing on the internet.” Yep, a Yeezy/Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Twitter interaction is enough to make anyone’s day.

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