Sam Faiers shares bikini pic with son Paul – but fans clash over THIS detail

Sam Faiers is living her best life right now.

And by ‘best life’ we mean living it up on holiday with her sister Billie Faiers and their kids in a procession of sexy bikinis (see above).

Talk about #LifeGoals.

And how do we know all this? Because Sam has happily been sharing details of the trip with her two million Instagram followers, that’s how!

Her latest snap featured the ever-adorable Paul Tony, Sam’s eldest child with boyfriend Paul Knightley.

The shot shows Sam clutching the two-and-a-half-year-old cutie in her arms, with the caption: ‘My best boy in the world ❤ cheeky face ?’

My best boy in the world ❤️ cheeky face ?

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Aww! Cute, right?

But whilst most fans gushed over how big baby Paul has gotten or Sam’s amazing leopard print bikini or THOSE BOOBS (?), some noticed something else.

‘Still in nappies????’ one user commented.

Another critical follower posted: ‘Really, a nappie at his age.’

And it didn’t take long for it all to kick off, with Sam’s fans rushing to support her.

One wrote: ‘Omg I can’t believe people commenting on nappies rather then appreciate the gorgeous picture of mumma and her boy! ?’

Another added: ‘My Son is 2.5 years and still in nappies. My daughter was in nappies till she was 3 and guess what that’s not up to anyone else to judge or criticise!’

One of the original commenters then fired back: ‘I’m not a pushy mum or an idiot, my 3 children were all out of nappies by 17 months, but if you guys want to waste money and ruin the planet that’s up to you.’


These two though ??

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Our sister site, GoodToKnow, advises: ‘Most children become potty trained between the ages of 18 months and three years.

‘Trying to push your child to start using the potty before he’s ready really is counter-productive.

‘The age at which he stops using nappies has nothing to do with his intelligence nor with your parenting skills, and trying to encourage potty training before he’s ready really is a pointless exercise.’

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