SFA Hero Nate Bain Reveals Plan for $150k GoFundMe Cash and It's Inspiring

Nate Bain says his family is absolutely STUNNED at the $150,000 in donations he’s received since Stephen F. Austin State upset Duke … and he’s telling us how the money will be spent.

Of course, Bain’s story went viral after the Duke game — his family home and church in the Bahamas were destroyed in Hurricane Dorian — and people raced to his GoFundMe to help them rebuild.

The good news … Bain tells TMZ Sports his family home is covered by insurance, so the GoFundMe cash (currently around $150k) will be used to help the scores of people who need help the most.

“That money is to help other families within the church and on the school,” Bain says … “It’s going to help a whole lot of families.”

In fact, Bain had this special thank you message to everyone who contributed …

“To those people who are watching right now or you’ll see this later, just thank you so much! You have no idea how [many] folks you’re helping. How [many] families and lives you’re gonna change … because there’s still folks back home without constant water, without shoes, without clothes that this money is going to go towards.”

“You’re making an impact inside a little kid’s life, you’re changing somebody’s life for the better. Shows there’s still great people inside this world, still humane people that are still thinking about others so I just wanna say THANK YOU! My whole country thanks those who are still contributing!”

As for the basketball team, Bain says they’ve become rock stars on campus since the upset — but they’re not looking to slow down any time soon!

“The whole campus has been loving on us! But, the season isn’t over!”

SFA is 6-1 and taking on Arlington Baptist University on Monday night — and after beating Duke, they’re expected to win big!

Good luck!

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