Spinderella Says She Was ‘Wrongfully Excluded’ from Salt-N-Pepa Biopic

Spinderella is speaking out against Lifetime’s Salt-N-Pepa biopic.

The 50-year-old DJ took to Twitter to slam the new biopic about the iconic all-female hip-hop group that aired the night before (Saturday, January 23).

Spinderella was a member of Salt-N-Pepa alongside Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton from 1987 until her termination in 2019.

In the biopic, GG Townson played Salt and Laila Odom played Pepa. Monique Paul appeared as Spinderella.

“Sorry but I gotta speak on this Lifetime special.., Too often, Black women who have made meaningful contributions in their industry are left out of historical narratives,” Spinderella started her series of tweets.

“Back when Salt n’ Pepa was building our legacy, which is rooted in empowering women, I could not have dreamed that this same group would one day disempower me,” she continued.

“Words cannot fully express my disappointment when I learned a decision was made to move forward with a Lifetime biopic that wrongfully excluded me from every aspect of development and production all the while using my image throughout, given that I played an integral role in the group’s story and success,” Spinderella tweeted.

Spinderella added, “There’s nothing more unacceptable than a woman being silenced by another woman. It is for this reason, I will not be supporting it.”

Spinderella‘s final performance with Salt-N-Pepa was in fall 2018 as part of the group’s Las Vegas residency. As of now, the reason behind Spinderella‘s termination has not been revealed.

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