Steve Harvey, 64, exercises shirt-free on a yacht with wife

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Harvey, 64, is seen shirt-free on a yacht while his wife jet skis during St Barts trip with daughter Lori and her new love Michael B Jordan

Family Feud host Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie were enjoying some down time while on a large yacht in St Barts on Sunday.

The 64-year-old comedian, born Broderick Stephen Harvey, had no shirt on as he worked out with tension ropes on deck before getting a refreshment. His spouse had some fun off the yacht, however, as she wore a black-and-white swimsuit with a life jacket to take a jet ski out.

Also on the holiday was his daughter Lori Harvey, who shared photos of her adventures on the high seas via social media. And her new boyfriend Michael B Jordan was reportedly in tow.

Time to chill: Family Feud host Steve Harvey was enjoying some down time amid the coronavirus pandemic while on a large yacht in St Barts on Sunday

He has some good company in St Barts: Also on the luxurious trip was his wife Marjorie

His lovely daughter was also there: According to The Shade Room, his girl Lori was also on the exotic trip; seen here on Instagram on a yacht

There was no sign of daughter, 24-year-old Lori, who is dating Creed star Michael.

But Lori and Michael are also in St Barts at this time with Steve and Marjorie. 

The Shade Room reported the two have been having fun in St Barts as they took a swim side by side over the weekend. The site shared photos of the two kissing and hugging while on a paddle board. 

The curvy model and movie star – who has been dubbed the Sexiest Man Alive – went Instagram official last week when on a ski trip in Utah after dating for only a few months.  

A night day on the high seas: The 64-year-old comedian, born Broderick Stephen Harvey, had no shirt on 

Working hard: The trip was not all fun and sun; at one point he worked out with tension ropes on deck

And a look at his backside: The workout session lasted for several minutes

On Sunday, Marjorie shared a kissing photo to Instagram with Steve on the yacht. 

‘Help me wish Hubby a Happy 64th Birthday,’ said the beauty as she wore Dior and he had on silk pajamas and a robe. 

In this new set of photos, Steve looks as if he is serious about getting in shape as he moves his arms to the front and back while holding a cord.

A good idea in that heat: The comedian added a royal blue cap as he worked off his breakfast

He is seen in colorful and long swim trunks on the grand yacht which has multi levels and plenty of space for outdoor dining.

The TV star had on a royal blue hat to shield him from the strong sun but no sunglasses. 

Meanwhile, his spouse looked fit in her swimsuit with long, toned legs as her hair was pulled back.

The beauty had a stylish outfit on: His wife wore a black-and-white swimsuit with a low back

They go well together: And she slipped on a robe that matched her suit perfectly

She was seen on deck walking around as well as on the black jet ski as she cruised the waves. 

The two have been wed since 2007. 

Steve is an American comedian, television presenter, actor, broadcaster, author, game show host and businessman. 

Still in love after 13 years of marriage: On Sunday, Marjorie shared a kissing photo to Instagram with Steve on the yacht. ‘Help me wish Hubby a Happy 64th Birthday,’ said the beauty as she wore Dior and he had on silk pajamas and a robe

He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Family Feud’s Big Money Tournament, Celebrity Family Feud, the Miss Universe competition and Fox’s New Year’s Eve. 

In July he made news when he let an F-bomb slip out while hosting Celebrity Family Feud after a contestant gave a rather unexpected answer in an episode that aired on Sunday.

The star was hilariously thrown off his game during Fast Money when NFL legend Bruce Smith bizarrely answered ‘penis’ to a question about Captain Hook. 

No fear for this beauty: Marjorie was seen on a black jet ski as she smiled away

Hee hee watch me! The looker smiled as she wore mirrored aviator sunglasses

Ten football stars were competing against each other in the all-celebrity iteration of the long running game show.

In the episode, NFLPA Hall of Famers vs. NFLPA Rising Stars, the Hall of Famers had made it to the final Fast Money round.

Two people are picked from the top team to answer the same set of questions, if the second person gives the exact answer given previously they must quickly give another option. That is where things went south. 

The question was: ‘If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?’

Bruce Smith answered: ‘Hammer.’

She sure loves the yacht life: Lori proved she was with her parents when she shared this image of their yacht over the weekend

A killer view on a mega yacht: And there was a look at sunset over the ocean as well

He immediately heard the beep-beep that indicated ‘hammer’ had already been given by his teammate so he needed to come up with another tool like screw driver or wrench.

The former NFL star, however, stammered a bit and said: ‘Penis’

A pro, Steve was already moving on to the next question in the timed round so it took him a minute to register what Smith had said.

Flabbergast, Steven said: ‘What the f**k did he say?’

She travels in style: Lori shared this photo to Instagram over the weekend while on the yacht in a pink and white Chanel suit

Cute as a tween: And the model added a bright pink bucket hat over her wet hair

The audience roared with laughter, the round of play stopped and Bruce Smith doubled over in hysterics.

Harvey started spewing out apologies – totally dead pan – to his laughing audience while an embarrassed Smith chuckled along.

‘I’m sorry. I swear, I’m sorry,’ Steve said. ‘That just came out. I don’t even know where that came from. I was reading the question and then I said to him, “What the f**k?”‘ 

‘Your a*s is going on YouTube, though,’ he told Smith. ‘You’re going to be the greatest clip ever played. ‘Cause Captain Hook replaced his hook with a penis!’

It’s for real! On January 11 the two lovebirds went Instagram official as Lori was seen with movie star Michael B Jordan of Creed and Black Panther fame

The pair returned to the Fast Money round but that wasn’t the end of the hilarity. 

After the round ends, Steve and the contestant traditionally review the answers and see how many points each received. Unsurprisingly, penis got zero points.

When they got around to Captain Hook’s penis for the second time, Steve was ready with a slew of jokes.

He said what?  Harvey let an F-bomb slip out in July while hosting Celebrity Family Feud after a contestant gave a rather unexpected answer

He said to the former defensive end: ‘I guess for you, I guess that would be your other weapon. “Well, if I can’t use my hook, I’ll tell you what — I bet I got something that’ll get the job done. Hold tight.”‘ 

This season of Celebrity Family Feud has featured stars from the Jersey Shore, The Hills and both iterations of Queer Eye.

It was filmed in front of a live studio audience in February before shows shut down due to COVID-19.

NFLPA Hall of Famers vs NFLPA Rising Stars: The winning team (L-R) Orlando Pace, Bruce Smith, Michael Irvin, Kevin Greene and Cris Carter

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