Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick speaks out on getting LOST at Harry and Meghan’s wedding

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick on saving his dog’s life in 2020

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Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick, 53, was stunned when he received an invite to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, but the animal lover admitted he got lost just after he tried to leave the ceremony early. The Royal couple’s nuptials were held at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in May 2018, an invite Fitzpatrick had secured through treating Meghan’s beloved beagle Guy shortly after her engagement to Harry.

I wander around for two hours with my jacket over my arm and in my socks

Noel Fitzpatrick

“It was a real case of imposter syndrome,” he admitted in a new interview.

“I felt truly honoured, but anyway, I decided to leave.”

But that proved harder than he first thought.

“I thought, I don’t actually know anybody. I’m really lucky to have seen this magical thing and I am very happy for Harry and Meghan, because they are wonderful people, but my shoes are killing me,” he said.

“I also thought this is all a bit overwhelming. So I asked a lady if she could show me the door out of the castle.”

Fitzpatrick went on: “They weren’t expecting guests to leave early and it turned into a bit of a farce.

“Suddenly I’m on the wrong side of the castle, in a penguin suit. I don’t have a mobile with me, because we weren’t allowed to carry them.

“I don’t know where I am. The American tourists can’t help. The security guards aren’t allowed to show me a map.

“I wander around for two hours with my jacket over my arm and in my socks, because I’ve taken my shoes off,” he recalled, noting his decision to leave early was also down to the fact his dress shoes were “killing him”.

He revealed he managed to find a shop who recognised his description of where he was staying, adding: “So I get there at last and with all of the celebrations going on outside, Noel Fitzpatrick is sitting with his sore feet in salted water in a bidet.

“That was my Royal Wedding: my feet in a bidet.”

Despite his ordeal, the Supervet remains eternally grateful to have experienced such a wonderful day.

Fitzpatrick appears to be living the life doing a job he loves, surrounded by animals day in, day out… but before his breakthrough as one of TV’s most loved on-screen vets, he had already dabbled in the media as an actor before a certain presenter sealed his fate.

He had appeared in episodes of Heartbeat, Casualty and The Bill, but has a famous client to thank for securing his fame.

“Chris Evans came in with his dog Enzo. He is a dear friend and a beautiful human being,” Fitzpatrick explained to Mail Online.

“We would sit and talk in the garden outside the practice. He went to the controller of BBC1 and said, ‘What about this guy?'”

In 2010, he became The Bionic Vet before Channel 4 picked up The Supervet in 2014, and over 100 episodes made him very famous.

And if you think he couldn’t get any better, he remains humble to the end.

“I do the media stuff because I would like to build a platform to change the way medicine is done and show that we are not alone on the planet,” Fitzpatrick shrugged.

“I don’t give a flying f*** about fame – except that it helps get the message across.”

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