The View's Sunny Hostin hits out at Alyssa Farah Griffin again

The View’s Joy Behar, 80, furiously scolds her co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin after pair get into another FURIOUS spat over politics

  • Alyssa, 34, doubled down on her stance and confirmed she will not be voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden
  • Sunny, 54, took aim at Alyssa and argued ‘your vote counts’ in chaotic segment
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The View host Joy Behar was forced to play mediator for her co-stars Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin on Friday after the two women became embroiled in yet another furious debate over politics.  

During the bitter spat, Sunny, 54, told her co-host ‘you have to put your country before your party’ after Alyssa, 34, stressed once again that she will not be voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden in any upcoming election.

‘Every vote counts and your vote counts. I’m going to tell you again and I know you don’t want to hear it,’ Sunny sneered, but Alyssa argued that hers was ‘just one vote’.

As Joy grilled the 34-year-old on her reasons for not voting for Biden, Alyssa laughed and yelled out: ‘Joe Biden is not doing poorly because I won’t vote for Joe Biden!’

However, the conversation between Sunny and Alyssa soon broke down into a shouting match – prompting Joy, 80, to reprimand them both, urging them to speak ‘one at a time’, before describing the segment as ‘chaos’. 

Fiery debate: The View’s Sunny Hostin clashed with Alyssa Farah Griffin again during Friday’s show

Her view: Alyssa doubled down on her voting stance during the fiery debate

Blunt comment: Sunny told Alyssa that she needs to ‘put her country before her party’

The moderator, who was standing in for Whoopi Goldberg, started the conversation about Biden and told the rest of the panel: ‘Let me just say something about Joe Biden. According to what I’m observing, the economy is booming, inflation is down. The stock market is doing well. People are having an easier time putting bread on the table, et cetera.

‘He doesn’t seem to be getting the credit for that, only 41 per cent approval. Is it because they think he’s old? Because I don’t see anything else they can point to with him particularly.’

Alyssa responded and said: ‘Well that’s a question for Democrats?’ but Joy was having none of it and fired back bluntly: ‘Well, no it’s a question for you really because you said you would not vote for Biden.’ 

‘We’re talking about my vote, my one vote,’ Alyssa responded as Sunny chimed in and told her: ‘Every vote counts and your vote counts. I’m going to tell you again and I know you don’t want to hear it.’

The mother-of-two was referring to a debate they had on the show last month, when she accused Alyssa of ‘throwing away’ her vote – an allegation that left the brunette looking visibly annoyed.  

Alyssa fought back during the latest episode of the show and asked Joy and Sunny: ‘Why is your candidate not doing better with Democrats? That’s who he needs to win.’

Clearly frustrated, Joy yelled back: ‘Because they think he’s old, that’s why! Listen, I am the same age as Joe Biden…’

Alyssa found it comical and laughed: ‘Joe Biden is not doing poorly because I won’t vote for Joe Biden! Let me just make that clear!’

Question time: Joy Behar grilled Alyssa on her reasons for not voting for Joe Biden

Head-to-head: Alyssa admitted she will not vote for Joe Biden (left) or Donald Trump in the future

Not having it: The 34-year-old argued that her vote was ‘just one vote’ as she stood her ground

Too loud: Joy described the segment as ‘chaos’ as Sunny and Alyssa kept talking over one another

‘At some point, you have to put your country before your party,’ Sunny was heard telling her as Joy waved her hands in the air and shouted; ‘Oh, it’s chaos!’

Ana Navarro decided to join in and said: ‘First of all, I don’t think [Barack] Obama went into the Oval office and had lunch with Biden to tell him, “you’re a weak candidate”, but to tell him, “don’t take anything for granted”.

‘I think one of problems Hillary [Clinton] had was that for too long she thought, “Latinos are gonna vote against Trump because it’s Trump, African Americans will vote for me because I’m running against Trump”, and what Obama is saying to Biden is there’s only one way to run in politics, you run hard and you run scared and you don’t take any group for granted,’ Ana added.

Sunny was keen to stress her point yet again and fired back: ‘He’s giving him good counsel but we need good Republicans that will vote for their country before they vote for their party.’

Eager to have the final say, Joy said: ‘The last time around we were all in shock when Trump won. Let’s not forget that.

‘I went to the Democratic convention and said to Nancy Pelosi, “what if Trump wins?” and she said, “he’s not going to win”, hello! To your point and to Obama’s point, we must always be vigilant otherwise we lose the country.’

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