Ticketmaster to Require COVID-19 Vaccination, Test When Concerts Resume

Figuring out what to wear to a concert will take a backseat to your COVID-19 status when tours resume in 2021 — Ticketmaster’s laying down new regulations before you can get in your seat.

The ticket sales company is reportedly in the early stages of developing a plan that includes fans showing proof they’ve either been vaccinated, or have tested negative within a 24-72 hour window before gaining admission to a show.

Ticketmaster hasn’t established a date for when it will stop the COVID-19 safety measure. It’s also unclear if it will issue refunds to fans who text positive or refuse to get the vaccination.

The proposed plan was reported by Billboard, and comes on the heels of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announcing its coronavirus vaccine shows a 90% efficacy rate. That’s giving concert venues and artists hope the industry can mount a comeback.

Ticketmaster would work with third-party health apps and independent labs, and says data sent to them will be done so in a secure, encrypted way. Ticketmaster would NOT have access to concertgoers’ medical records.

Welcome to the new normal.

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