Tina Fey Has A Confession About Those ’30 Rock’ Reboot Rumors

Tina Fey has something of an confession about how the recent batch of “30 Rock” reboot rumors may have started.

On Thursday’s broadcast of “The Tonight Show,” the actress acknowledged to host Jimmy Fallon that the latest round of speculation may have begun with a coy response she gave on the red carpet for her new “Mean Girls” musical.

“Well … OK. Here’s what I’ll say. So we were on the red carpet for the Broadway opening and someone was like, ‘Would you ever do a “30 Rock” reboot?’ And I was like ‘Maybe …,’” Fey said.

“A little bit of that is on me, like I must be so thirsty for internet attention,” Fey explained. “Maybe I’m Banksy,” she jokingly added, before revealing how she’d never do a straight reboot of the show that ended in 2013, “because that would be too easy.”

“If we get anything together, I promise you will be the first to know,” she added.

Later in the show, Fey spread the love by surprising unexpecting fans who lined up in front of a promo poster for her musical to explain how she’d inspired them:

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