Twist FIRST LOOK: Rita Ora wows as Artful Dodger alongside Raff Law

Twist FIRST LOOK: Rita Ora transforms into a VERY edgy Artful Dodger as she joins Rafferty Law and Michael Caine in star-studded trailer

Rita Ora transforms in a very edgy Artful Dodger in the action-packed first trailer for Sky’s upcoming film Twist.

Putting a modern spin on the classic tale of Oliver Twist, the star-studded production boasts Rafferty ‘Raff’ Law in the title role as well as Michael Caine, 87, as gang mastermind Fagin.

A first look at the film shows Rafferty, 23, working as a graffiti artist around London before he catches the eye of a leather-clad Rita in her cool portray of Dodger. 

Trendy: Rita Ora transforms in an edgy Artful Dodger in the action-packed trailer for Sky’s film Twist, donning a leather and electric blue ensemble for her first scene with Rafferty Law

Oozing swagger, Rita then recruits Twist into the gang and gets him involved in an upcoming plot to pull of an art heist under Fagin’s orders.

Hinting at a long-term feud, Fagin cooly says David Walliams’ character Dr Crispin Losberne once ‘took everything’ from him, and he’s going to ‘return the favour’. 

Rita looks sensational in the trailer and rocks an array of looks including one high-impact sequence where she throws a punch in a bar fight while wearing a leopard print jacket.

Although relying on her fists in that scene, the Girls singer holds onto a baseball bat and later dresses up as a police woman with a blonde wig as Twist scales his way down an elevator shaft.  

Lead role: Raff Law puts a modern spin on the character of Oliver Twist by being a graffiti artist 

Making plans: Rita’s character Dodger is the one who introduces Twist to the gang and Fagin (played by Michael Caine)

Action packed: Right from the off, the cast are seen performing stunts and racing through the streets of London

Twist brings Dickens’ iconic novel into the 21st Century, as a group of street smart young hustlers plan the heist of the century for the ultimate payday in the heart of bustling London. 

Rafferty Law – son of actor Jude and Sadie Frost – appears as the titular hero, while Rita Ora stars as the elusive Artful Dodger.

Traditionally a male character, Artful – the assumed name of child criminal Jack Dawkins – was originally presented as an adept pickpocket, famed for his incredible skill in separating unsuspecting victims from their wallets and purses.

Swagger: Rita exuded confidence as she spoke on the phone to another member of the gang

Disguise: Rita dons a police uniform and blonde wig for one scene alongside Raff which sees his character Twist scale an lift shaft

Impressive: The street gang watch Twist’s graffiti on one of London’s tower blocks from afar (pictured: Sophie Simnett as Red, Michael Caine, Rita Ora and Franz Drameh)

Crew: Raff’s Twist is soon welcomed into the gang and joins their plan to steal a painting

Scenery: Stunning shots of London are seen throughout the trailer

But in keeping with the new film’s present day setting, the character’s criminal background has been appropriately tweaked – along with his gender. 

The Dodger’s name also been tailored, with Rita’s interpretation responding to the abbreviated ‘Dodge’ in the new film.

Sir Michael Caine appears as the Fagin along with Lean Headey as Sikes, Tanya Burr as Rosie, Sophie Simnett as Red and Franz Drameh as Batesey. 

Looking good: Rita rocks a selection of looks in the film such as this leather and blue combo

In action: The singer looked sensational in a leopard print jacket as she swung a punch while holding a baseball bat in her other hand during a bar brawl

Headquarters: The street gang appear to have made a base in an abandoned warehouse

In character: Actress Lena Headey plays the role of Sikes

Danger: One scene from the trailer showed her taking down several police officers

Twist is based on the 1838 Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist, which tells the tale of a titular orphan who spends his childhood in hardship before finally finding his true home.

Following the death of his mother in childbirth, Oliver is taken from a so-called ‘baby farm’ to a workhouse run by the parish beadle Mr Bumble, and the poor boys who live there are forced to work long hours with little food or home comforts. 

After being forced to work as an apprentice for an undertaker, Oliver escapes to London where he meets pickpocket The Artful Dodger, who works for the elderly Fagin.

Vendetta: Hinting at a long-term feud, Fagin (pictured) cooly says David Walliams’ character Dr Crispin Losberne once ‘took everything’ from him, and he’s going to ‘return the favour’

Getting played: Comedian David Wallaims plays Dr Crispin Losberne in upcoming film Twist

Family: During the trailer all of the street gang are seen having dinner together

Come on in: Twist (played by Rafferty Law) is recruited into the gang by Rita Ora’s character

Despite finding some solace with Mr Brownlow, Oliver is eventually drawn back into a life of crime, with the help of Nancy and her abusive lover Bill Sykes, but there’s renewed hope of a happy ending when the truth about his family is revealed. 

The novel was adapted to film numerous times, including a 1968 musical titled Oliver! which starred Mark Lester as Oliver, along with Shani Wallis as Nancy, Ron Moody as Fagin and Harry Secombe as Mr Bumble.

Twist has proven to be a far-from traditional adaptation, with the cast seen filming the production in the heart of London. 

On the run: Twist has to make a quick getaway after nicking a wallet

Love interest? He also shares a steamy kiss during the trailer

Iconic: Twist is based on the 1838 Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist, which tells the tale of a titular orphan who spends his childhood in hardship (pictured in 1968’s Oliver!)

Star: Rafferty Law is set to play the titular hero, though far older and more streetwise than the character in the novels (right is Mark Lester who played Oliver in the 1968 film)

The film’s cast was announced in October 2019, just as production was underway. 

A source close to the project told MailOnline: ‘Shooting for the new film starts today and everyone is very excited to get started.

‘Twist is a modern interpretation of Charles Dickens’ Oliver in which the title character has been reinvented as a streetwise artist living on the streets of modern-day London.

Sinister: Sir Michael Caine (left) takes on the role of Fagin, the elderly man who commands a group of pickpockets, raising them into a life of crime (right played by Ron Moody in 1968)

Switch: In a change-up for the character, Rita Ora is set to play the Artful Dodger (right played by Jack Wild)

‘Rafferty impressed with his screen presence and his edginess brings a whole new dimension to the role of Oliver.

‘It’s an all-star cast with David in the mix after arriving at today’s first rehearsal – not to mention Rita and Sir Michael Caine.’ 

On playing the villainous character, Sir Michael said: ‘Fagin is such an infamous character, it’s going to be great fun playing him.

‘I’m really looking forward to working with Lena, Raff and the rest of the cast in London when we start shooting.’  

Spitting image: Keith Lemon actor Leigh Francis is set to play the booming Mr Bumble, who cruelly belittled Oliver during his time in the workhouse (right played by Harry Secombe)

Villain: Lena Headey will play Sikes, otherwise known as Nancy’s abusive boyfriend Bill in the novels (right played by Oliver Reed)

Rafferty added: ‘I’m excited to play such a well-loved literary character.

‘I’m looking forward to working with Martin Owen to bring to life his new take on the character in modern-day London.’

The film will be available on the Sky Cinema pay-TV service on the same day as its theatrical release, according to Variety, though a set date is yet to be revealed.

Pretty: Tanya Burr also stars in the film as the character Rosie

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