Watch Dylan and Zac Efron Show Off Their Abs While Bungee Jumping Shirtless

Zac Efron may have gone on the record as saying that he may never get as swole again as he did for the Baywatch movie, citing the enormous pressure and unrealistic, unsustainable level of dieting and workouts required to achieve such a physique, but he is still in excellent shape. Earlier this year, the actor showed off his ripped abs in a gym photo; and it looks like a passion for crunches runs in the family.

In a recent “brothers day” video on Instagram, Efron and his brother Dylan both showed off their shredded six-packs when they went bungee jumping shirtless. “I can’t tell who’s screaming, him or me,” Efron wrote in the caption.

Efron is currently living his best life in Australia, having relocated there during the pandemic last year to live in a caravan while filming his survival thriller Gold. He is currently still there, shooting the second season of his travel show, Down to Earth, and semi-regularly shares behind-the-scenes photos from the production.

Most of these involve him getting up close and personal with the country’s wildlife—swimming with dolphins, cuddling baby kangaroos, chilling with a Tasmanian devil—while also flexing his biceps and displaying that six-pack.

Efron appears to have found a happy balance in his routine between the level of physical perfection expected of a Hollywood actor, and still being able to enjoy the many pleasures life has to offer. “I’m so happy that I’m eating carbs again,” he said during the first season of Down to Earth. “I went, like, years without eating carbs… When I shot Baywatch, I didn’t have a carb for, like, six months. I almost lost my mind.”

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