Who Is The Bachelor’s Alana Milne? – The List

After watching limo entrance after limo entrance, it’s a little hard to remember who’s who when it comes to contestants on this season of The Bachelor. However, Alana Milne stood out on the first night for a number of reasons. She was one of the first girls to get a kiss from the Season 25 bachelor, Matt James, when she shared a spaghetti noodle with him, Lady in the Tramp-style (via YouTube). You might also recognize her red dress, because another contestant wore the same one. According to Page Six, there was a twinning moment happening between Milne and fellow contestant Anna Redman, who wore the same Viva 2Way Gown.

So, right now, Milne may be known as the Lady and the Tramp or red dress girl in your Bachelor group chat, but there’s a lot more to know about this 26-year-old photographer from Toronto. Her ABC bio reveals that she moved to Europe right after high school and enrolled herself in different programs. She recently moved to Canada on a whim, and is hoping find “a man to share in the everyday pleasures of life.”

Alana Milne has Kaitlyn Bristowe vibes

While the goal is to get the attention of Matt James, Milne did receive some high praise from host Chris Harrison, who compared her to former bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. When speaking with Bustle, Harrison said Milne had “one of the boldest entrances of the season,” which proves she’ll be one to watch. It seems as though Milne and James already have a bit of connection when it comes to what they’re looking for. James’ ABC bio states that he has a love of food and Milne mentions her dream job would be to work as “a restaurant critic for Michelin restaurants.” They’ve already shared a spaghetti noodle together, so hopefully there’s more food to come. 

In the meantime, while you wait for the next episode of what is sure to be “the most dramatic season ever,” you can follow Milne on Instagram. She has a few photos of her on the beach, which make sense as she “loves to hang out by the water,” according to TV Overmind. She even has an entire “A bit about me” Google doc linked out on her Instagram with everything you need to know about this adventurous, food-loving, Kaitlyn Bristowe-like contestant. 

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