Why North West’s Painting Is Raising Eyebrows

While all children are special little angels and gifts from above and all that, somehow celebrity kids are even more special, or so they would have you believe. As in Lake Wobegon, all the children in Hollywood are above average and in fact extremely gifted, each and every one of them. Well, we certainly would expect no less from a next-gen Kardashian, and according to mom Kim, 7-year-old North West does not disappoint. KK recently shared an Instagram story (via Page Six) that featured a painting of a mountain, a lake, some flowers, and a few trees — you know, pretty typical Days Inn kind of stuff — and claimed that “my little artist North” had painted it.

Humm, really? While the painting’s no Picasso, nor even a Bob Ross masterpiece, it’s still well above the level of what hangs in most second-grade classrooms. Are we really to believe that North, heir to a dynasty of reality TV stars famous for being famous, is really some kind of budding artistic genius? Sorry, Kim, but while it’s cool to be proud of your progeny and all, many fans remain unconvinced that North actually painted that motel art with her own little hands.

Not everybody believed the painting was North's own work

Twitter users were quick to spot some phony-looking things about the painting. One tweet made the observation that North West may not have been responsible for anything other than the signature, saying, “Kim Kardashian’s child did not paint this. You can even see the photo shop signature,” adding, “And even if you didn’t, it’s Kim K so you have to take everything she says with a heavy spoonful of salt.”

Yet another said that even if North technically produced the painting, it’s no indicator of budding genius, more a testimonial to how high-end children’s art tutors operate. Their comment read: “Hahaha I had a private art teacher growing up as well and ‘painted’ similar ones. They basically tell you exactly how to do it and help you every step of the way. The end result impresses the parent’s friends mostly.” One TikToker backed this up, claiming her mom was North’s teacher and showing photo evidence that she’d produced this exact same painting at age 6 with mom’s “help.”

No matter how much of the actual painting North did or did not do on her own, the Insta-story was basically just standard parental bragging, only carried out on a Kardashian-level scale. If you found North-the-art-prodigy to be amusing (bearing in mind that none of this is her fault, she’s still just a kid), just wait ’til you see the Broadway production the Kardashians will likely make of her first school play.

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