You Definitely Won't Find Lily Allen's Book On Zoë Kravitz's Nightstand

Then again – according to Zoë Kravitz – you probably won’t find it on many people’s nightstands.

On Tuesday night’s Watch What Happens Live,  Zoë Kravitz and Eddie Redmayne were there to promote Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindewald. During the call-in portion of the show, Zoë was asked about her appearance in Lily Allen’s memoir My Thoughts Exactly. Much like the title of that book, Zoë let everyone know exactly what she thinks about Lily, which is basically: Zoë is not a fan.

Lily claimed in her book that she got to know Zoë during the New York shows of her Sheezus Tour in 2014. According to Lily, she and Zoë went out partying one night and ended up kissing (they didn’t hook up, because Zoë allegedly left Lily to go hook up with A$AP Rocky). The caller asked Zoë if she was warned by Lily about that story in the book, and the circumstances leading up to the kiss. Zoë set the tone by channeling her inner Mariah by answering: “Who’s Lily Allen?“. It got shadier from there.

Zoë told her side of the kissing story, which sounds a whole lot less fun than how Lily made it out to be.

“If by ‘kissing’ she means, like, attacking, then yes, she kissed me. She attacked me.”

Andy Cohen asked if that’s how Lily portrayed it in the book, to which Zoë responded that, no, it was portrayed like “I wanted it.” Which Zoë clearly didn’t. Andy asked Zoë if she read Lily’s book. Zoë slapped Lily down with this:

“I don’t think anybody read the book.”

In all of this, there’s Eddie Redmayne, who looked beyond awkward the whole time. First he didn’t catch Zoë’s sarcasm when asking who Lily Allen was (“She’s the voice of a generation, by the way“). Then his face tightens into the world’s most cringey smile when Zoë comments on nobody reading the book. I can’t be sure, but I’m positive we all just witnessed the moment Eddie wished his Fantastic Beasts wizardry was real so he could use a magic wand to make himself disappear to anywhere but Andy’s Clubhouse.

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