Ziwe Awards Phoebe Bridgers the Bare Minimum Allyship Award

Phoebe Bridgers is finally being held accountable for her appropriation of ‘dead culture,’ and it’s all thanks to Ziwe. 

The Punisher singer appeared on Sunday night’s episode of the comedian’s eponymous Showtime variety series, where she apologized to “everybody dead” for offending them with her famous skeleton ensemble. 

Appropriation aside, Bridgers scored the coveted Bare Minimum Allyship Award not once but twice during her appearance. First, for simply calling herself an ally and second for issuing her apology outside of the usual notes app trend. (Ziwe also earned the award for saying that she would not retweet Shaun King.) A true icon for allies everywhere!

Bridgers then delivered a fortifying round of Allyship ASMR, whispering statements like “I will do my own emotional labor,” “I will never get married on a plantation,” and, most importantly, “I famously love all Black people, especially an iconic Black woman named Ziwe.” 

The duo concluded the interview with a bout of ukulele smashing that mirrored Bridgers’ February Saturday Night Live debut, where she went full rock icon and decided to absolutely demolish both her electric guitar and a speaker onstage. Unsurprisingly, Bridgers took the same route with her ukulele and obliterated it into pieces. We appreciate a consistent demolition queen. 


Ziwe airs on Sundays at 11/10 c on Showtime.


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