5 questions with… Joseph Schooling


Q What’s on your pre-race Spotify playlist?

A I listen to alternative rock, super old songs like Blink 182, Roses For The Dead (by Funeral for a Friend), Guns N’ Roses. Blast from the past really. Bezerk by Big Sean has been pretty huge for me and also Uproar by Lil Wayne. It’s a good mix between alternative and rap.

Q What are you watching on Netflix?

A I’m watching Money Heist and re-watching How I Met Your Mother for the third time.

Q What’s your theme song?

A I Just Wanna Live by Good Charlotte. It’s a great song, very carefree, good beat and happy.

Q Your signature phrase.

A It’ll probably be Nike’s Just Do It, as I think it’s awesome.

Q Which athlete do you want to be for a day?

A Tom Brady (New England Patriots quarterback). He’s won six Super Bowls, he’s 42 and he still has a huge smile on his face.

Like day in and day out, he’s always happy about what he’s doing. I love his enthusiasm, I love how he… just breaking milestones like no one else.

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