Carmelo Anthony is a juicy wild card for LeBron’s Lakers

The next person to join LeBron James in Los Angeles may be Carmelo Anthony.

After the former star opted into the next year of his contract in Oklahoma City, Anthony is a logical buyout candidate. He’s 34, making a ton of money and not doing much to help the Thunder.

What’s more, Anthony is a member of the Banana Boat crew and Los Angeles might be able to get him cheap if a buyout happens.

As for other potential Lakers to be, Chris Bosh still doesn’t want his career to be over. And his next try at a comeback may be alongside James in Los Angeles.

Bosh may petition the league again in an attempt to return, according to the Sporting News. The 34-year-old hasn’t played since 2016. He was forced into retirement in 2017 after a recurrence of blood clots.

The two-time champion has wanted to return before, but under the NBA’s “fitness to play” clause, has been kept out of the league. Bosh reportedly could argue that new blood-thinning medicine makes a potential issue less likely and he’s willing to accept responsibility.

The connection with James is there if that scenario comes to fruition — the two played together in Miami. Moreover, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka was Bosh’s agent, and Bosh worked out at the Lakers’ facility earlier this year. Should he be allowed to return, it makes sense that the Lakers would be his destination.

Bosh’s injury could be life-threatening, though. It seems unlikely that the NBA would allow him to return with that in mind, but anything’s possible.

Meanwhile, Bosh’s most recent social media activity? Retweeting memories of Miami’s Big Three.

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