Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith LIVE: Smith clams huge knockout win

LIVE: Liam Smith KNOCKS OUT Chris Eubank Jr to claim a huge victory in their all-British grudge match following a bitter build-up

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Chris Eubank Jr's right eye after being knocked out by Liam Smith…

That was simply incredible – and absolutely out of nowhere. 

Smith landed a huge uppercut with Eubank Jr defending on the ropes. It sent Eubank Jr crumbling to the canvas. 

And despite his best efforts, the fight was essentially over from there. Another right hand sent Eubank Jr down once more, before the referee rightly waved it off. Unbelievable. 



Eubank Jr is likely 2-1 up after three, and he is starting to take over.

But wow! This is incredible! Eubank Jr is down! He’s all over the place! It’s over!

I can’t believe it! Eubank Jr has never been hurt like that… ever! 

Eubank Jr connects with a right hand that puts Smith onto his heels, before following it up with a snapping jab. Better. 

Much better! Eubank Jr takes total control, finishing the round with a wicked uppercut that once again snaps Smith’s head back. 

Eubank Jr looks lethal with the uppercut. Smith can’t eat too many of them! 

Eubank Jr starts round two with more intent, landing with a pair of right hands – neither of which have an impact. 

He then jabs to the body as he looks to tempt Smith in. But Smith is making this difficult. Plenty of head movement, guard high – this is good stuff. 

Even round, but better from Eubank Jr, who is warming to the task. 

Eubank Jr looks to establish his jab early on, also trying a right hand that misses. It’s Smith who is taking centre-ring, as Eubank Jr works on the outside. 

Smith lands! A solid right hand that connects on the chin of Eubank Jr. 

This is good from Smith! Nothing particularly clean lands, but it’s good pressure – and the crowd love it! Good start for the Liverpudlian. He takes that round for me. 


Eubank Jr and Smith are in the ring! The announcements are done! The opening bell is jus seconds away!

Ouch! Plenty of boos as Eubank Jr’s name is called, but he’s used to that by now – that won’t bother him one bit.

He dances and shadow boxes on his way to the ring. Forever calm, forever the entertainer. 

Eubank Jr faces the crowd and takes it all in. A brutal fight is to come! 


A classic Chris Eubank Jr ringwalk 😎

The crowd burst into a huge cheer as Liam Smith’s name is announced, and the Liverpudlian now makes his way to the ring! 

He walks out to Right Here, Right Now by Fat Boy Slim, as his team shout ‘It’s time to get to work’. 

He looks supremely calm and composed, it has to be said. 


The atmosphere is electric! Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond rings around the AO Arena, and we all know what that means… it’s time!

Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith will be making their ring walks any second now!

Smith, even in Manchester, will likely be the favourite among the crowd. But it’s Eubank Jr who is just about the favourite to prevail. It’s going to be close!

It’s time for the big one! Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith is just moments away. The British rivals are both looking to push towards a world title shot, but there’s also pride at stake.

The pair clashed furiously throughout the build-up to the fight, and this one is now more than business. It’s personal.

Eubank Jr last put in a brilliant performance against Liam Williams, but it’s been 11 months since he last fought, after his October bout against Conor Benn was axed for obvious reasons.

Smith is the underdog, but he can’t be written off. The former super-welterweight world champion is convinced he’s got too much boxing ability to be beaten by Eubank Jr. We shall see.

Liam Smith's final words before he faces Chris Eubank Jr. 𝐋𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐧 🔐

If that proved anything, it’s that Riakporhe is ready for the big fights. 

The Briton moves to 16-0 and makes it very clear he wants a world title shot next. 

Promoter Ben Shalom also insists Riakporhe is ready for a world title shot. 

Riakporhe had Glowacki hurt in round two, but he doesn’t want to let that momentum slip. 

And that he doesn’t! The Briton once again hurts Glowacki, and this time the former world champion isn’t able to recover! It was a sickening body shot that did the damage, followed by a wicked combination of hooks. 

Riakporhe storms in, and the ref sensibly waves it off. Good stoppage. Good win. Good performance. 

𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐢𝐝𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐬 𝐨𝐧! 🚂

Next stop: A world title-shot? 🔜🏆

Riakporhe is in total control heading into round three, and again the Briton has success with the right hand, both to body and head. 

Nothing too spiteful lands in round three, but Riakporhe is surely 3-0 up. 

Between rounds we hear from Liam Smith backstage – he looks very calm and composed. 

Riakporhe looks supremely calm in there early on, and it’s clearly Glowacki who’s going to have to take a risk to get inside. 

And here comes Riakporhe! He lands a huge right hand which buckles the legs of Glowacki, who’s hurt! 

Glowacki does well to recover, with Riakporhe going in for the kill. He survives the round, but it looks like a matter of when, not if, for the Briton. 

Here we go then! Riakporhe, the significantly taller man at 6ft 5 in, starts the fight on the outside, looking to counter off the ropes. 

The Briton is pawing out that long left hand, which will be crucial as the fight goes on. He looks pretty calm in there, looking to walk Glowacki ono a big right hand. 

A cagey opening round, but Riakporhe looks nice and steady so far. 

It’s chief support time! And what a cracker this could be, as Richard Riakporhe takes on a former world champion in Krzysztof Głowacki.

Riakporhe (15-0) is looking to progress towards a cruiserweight world title shot, and a win against Głowacki – who lost his world title to Lawrence Okolie in 2021 – would be a real sign of intent.

In fact, Riakporhe is targeting a bout against Okolie himself. What a scrap that would be! He’s got to get through tonight first, though.

And there we have it! Essuman wins by majority decision! It was close, and Kongo may well feel hard done by there, but Essuman won’t care. 

He takes it with scores of: 114-114, 116-113, 115-114.

📌 114-114
📌 116-113
📌 115-114

Ekow Essuman is still the British and Commonwealth champion 👑

Essuman lands a huge right hand with just a minute remaining. Kongo’s hurt! But can Essuman close the show late on?

He can’t. The final bell goes. We go to the judges. It’s close, but which way will it go?

Essuman could well need to win both the remaining rounds if he’s to win the fight, and he starts round 11 well, landing flush with a big right hand. Kongo felt that. 

But Kongo recovers well and manages to stay at length for much of the remainder of the round. 

These are difficult rounds to score, though, and it could really go either way. A huge three minutes to come. 

Essuman could still be down on the cards, and he races out as round 10 begins and gets back to work. 

But that’s better from Kongo, who lands with a left as Essuman comes in. He then snaps Essuman’s head back with a jab. 

Six minutes to go. This is going down to the wire. It’s close, but I have Kongo ahead still. Of course, as often is the case, the judges could see it differently.  

Better from Essuman! Much better! The champion spends the majority of the round teeing off with Kongo pinned on the ropes. 

Kongo initially looked fairly defensively sound, but suddenly Essuman lands with a pair of huge right hands that clearly hurt Kongo. 

Kongo was badly hurt there, and that will be a huge confidence boost for the champion. 

Though Essuman has stepped it up in the last few rounds, the healthy lead Kongo built early on likely still has him ahead. 

And Kongo, having found it more difficult in the last couple of rounds, has re-established his jab in round eight, one he likely takes. 

If the fight ended now, Kongo would surely be crowned champion. Four rounds remain – can Essuman finish strong?

More good work from Essuman, who has successfully closed the distance between himself and Kongo now. No longer is the Kongo jab dictating the fight. 

And each time Essuman does come in, Kongo is clearly looking to hold, which could get him in trouble if he persists with it. 

Essuman lands a left hand to end round seven. 

Kongo lands a solid one-two to start round six, but Essuman is now forcing the pace much more. Kongo is then giving a telling off for excessive holding, which could be interesting as the fight progresses. 

Then, for the first time in the fight, Essuman has Kongo pinned on the ropes, and the champion does seem to be growing into this one now. 

Essuman lands a right hand, and that was by far his best round of the fight. This could get interesting in the second half of the fight. 

It’s Kongo who again makes the faster start to the round, connecting flush with a left hook as Essuman looked to close the distance. 

Essuman is making a real effort to get close and make this less of a comfortable fight for Kongo, but again he’s picked off on the way in. 

Essuman is slowly but surely doing a better job of closing the distance, but he’s surely down on the cards at this point. 

Good shot from Kongo as the champion Essuman looked to come in and make an impression himself. 

It was a right hand that stopped Essuman in his tracks. Kongo then lands with left and right hooks, before Essuman misses with a wild, looping left hand. 

Kongo looks to be building a lead early on in this fight. 

Kongo started to establish some authority behind the jab in round two and that continues as round three starts. 

Essuman is told by his corner not to let Kongo get comfortable, but the challenger seems very relaxed in there at the moment. 

Kongo, on my card anyway, certainly takes round three and two, with the first difficult to call. Essuman needs to respond. 

Good work from Essuman, who takes centre-ring and pushes the pace early in round two. He connects with a short left hand. 

Kongo is working well behind his long left jab, though, keeping busy as Essuman keeps a high guard. 

Not much to separate them so far, but a better round for Kongo. A good match-up, this. 

Away we go, in what really is such a difficult fight to call. 

It’s the champion Essuman who lands first, with Kongo stumbling back but only after losing his balance – he’s not hurt. 

Kongo responds with a sharp jab and one-two, but Essuman then lands the shot of the fight so far with a right hand than connects flush. 

Kongo, the bigger man, is making good use of his longer reach, but it was Essuman who landed the eye-catching punch in round one. Good opening round. 

Next up is an enticing British scrap between welterweights Ekow Essuman and Chris Kongo, with the British, Commonwealth, IBF European and WBC International Silver welterweight titles on the line.

Essuman, unbeaten at 18-0, is the British and Commonwealth champion, but in Kongo he faces his toughest challenge yet.

Kongo has just the one loss to his name after 15 fights, coming against Michael McKinson in 2021.

A win would represent a significant step in the right direction for either fighter.

Chris Eubank Jr has ARRIVED! 🌟🍿

'Beefy's arrived! 📍

And there you have it. Parker takes it 96-93, 97-92, 97-93. Easy win, but a pretty poor performance. Massey, though, can hold his head high. 

Parker lands his best shot of the fight with a thumping right hand that clearly shakes Massey. He’s cut and the Englishman is, for the first time in the fight, unsteady. 

But there’s not long left on the clock, and Parker isn’t able to take advantage. The final bell sounds. 

Parker will get the win, but Massey put in a good showing, having been written off entirely beforehand. 

Great stuff from Massey! He lands a lovely left hook and follows it up with a right. Parker, who certainly has a chin on him, isn’t bothered. 

But again, it’s much better than anything we anticipated from Massey, who wasn’t expected to last the full 10 rounds. 

Three minutes remain, and it doesn’t look as if Parker will at any point particularly hurt Massey, let alone stop him. He’ll get the win, but it’s not been a good showing. 

Massey, already way down on the cards, now has a point deducted for excessive holding. 

But another round goes by in which Massey does well, landing a few shots that Parker certainly notices. 

Into the final two rounds we go…

Massey has definitely done better than most had anticipated in there, despite surely being way down on the cards. 

Parker, on the other hand, looks as if that Joyce beating may have taken the sting out of him. 

We’ve heard from Fury, who’s sat ringside. He thinks Parker will get the stoppage soon. Will that prove to be the case? 

Good shot from Massey! He lands a solid right hand to start round six, before the referee breaks up the action and gives both fighters a telling off. Not entirely sure what he’s seeing. 

Massey then lands with a left hook! Best round of the fight so far for the Englishman. 

But back comes Parker. He connects with an uppercut, which Massey again takes well. Good round, this. 

Parker lands a good right hand, which draws a massive cry from Tyson Fury, who’s sat ringside in support of his mate. 

The round ends with Massey spinning Parker onto the ropes and doing some work of his own, though, landing with a good left hook. 

Parker will have wanted to make a statement tonight, after that brutal defeat to Joyce – but as of yet he’s not shown anything of any real promise. 

The New Zealander does land a solid right hand, but Massey again takes it well.

Massey, though losing all four rounds, can be happy with how he’s performed so far. 

Parker lands his best shot of the fight with a thudding left hook that definitely drew a reaction out of Massey. 

The Englishman takes it well enough – but Parker has definitely upped the pace in round three. 

You feel Massey will tire as the fight goes on, but he’s doing well enough for now. 

Massey lands a nice jab to start round two, knocking Parker’s head back. He then follows it up with a left hand to the body. 

Massey is the overwhelming underdog here, but he’s started well. Parker shipped a lot of punishment in his defeat to Joyce last time out, and it will be interesting to see how much that has taken out of him. 

Parker ends the round with a shot to the body, but it’s been pretty even in there so far. 

Parker comes out fast, immediately looking to take out Massey with a succession of left hooks. None land, but it’s a statement of intent. 

Massey lands a nice right hand, which will do his confidence some good – though Parker didn’t react at all. 

Parker the aggressor in round one, but Massey doesn’t look overly spooked thus far. 

Continuing in the heavyweight division, we have Joseph Parker vs Jack Massey.

Parker, supported tonight by a ringside Tyson Fury, begins his comeback after being stopped by Joe Joyce last year.

He is, of course, a former world champion, but with losses against Joyce, Dillian Whyte ad Anthony Joshua, he’s fallen just short at the highest level ever since.

Tonight he takes on Englishman Jack Massey (20-1), whose only defeat came against tonight’s chief support Richard Riakphore.

Massey is typically a cruiserweight – he climbs to heavyweight for the first time. Parker is of course the overwhelming favourite.

"We want Fabio Wardley in the next few fights!" 😯

Another stoppage for @BigFrazeBoxer 🚨#EubankSmith | @Boxxer

🍿💥 @JoshTaylorBoxer and @jackcatt1 reignite their rivalry!

📲 Book #EubankSmith now on Sky Sports Box Office: | 21.01.23 | AO Arena | @SkySportsBoxing

And there we have it. The referee waves it off following the conclusion of round four. 

Clarke wasn’t overly impressive but he moves to 5-0 regardless. 

Espindola again is clearly in some discomfort between rounds, with his right arm seemingly injured. Again, though, he opts to continue fighting. 

Clarke continues to fire into the body, but this hasn’t been an impressive showing at all as of yet. 

Espindola shakes his head the round ends… is he about to quit?

More of the same in round three. Espindola is a massive target, but Clarke is struggling to land anything of any real note. 

Clarke is comfortably winning every round, but he should be blowing away opponents like this.

Let’s see if Clarke can up the tempo in the second half of the fight.  

Espindola appears to have injured his arm, but he comes out for the second round nonetheless. 

The same pattern resumes, with Espindola looking for a miracle shot from the ropes, and Clarke putting in most of the work. 

Clarke is targeting the body, and you’d think Espindola’s resistance will eventually break. 

And we’re off for the night!

Clarke immediately goes on the offence, pushing Espindola to the ropes and firing in a left hand to the body. 

Espindola is aware he’s not going to win this on points, and his strategy is already clear: sit on the ropes and hope for a counter. 

Clarke, meanwhile, continues to go to work, landing with another left – this time to the head. 

Very one-sided, this, as you’d expect. It surely won’t go the distance. 

In the first fight of the night, we have Frazer Clarke vs Kevin Espindola in the heavyweight division.

Clarke, 31, is looking to continue to make progress after turning pro last year, ending 2022 with four wins from as many fights.

The Briton has made it clear he wants the British title this year, but he needs to up his level before thinking about that.

Tonight he takes on Espindola, who has won just seven from 13 fights, losing the other six. He’s lost his last three on the bounce.

The only redeeming stat is that Espindola has never been stopped, so that will be Clarke’s target tonight. He should achieve that without too much trouble.

Plenty of big names in the house tonight ahead of the main event!

Always dressed for the occasion, @DavidHaye 🤩

Right then, we’re about ready to get underway, with the main card getting started any minute.

A reminder of what’s in store tonight:

Another preliminary result to bring you, as Matty Harris stops Jiri Surmanj in round 1. 

The young heavyweight has now recorded three first-round stoppages on the spin as he moves to 4-0. A promising start to his career!

The Gypsy King is in the building tonight as he supports Joseph Parker. 

We’re all waiting on news of the Usyk fight, but Fury has other beef on his mind. 

[email protected]_Fury says he wants to fight @GordonRamsay 🔥😅

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We have a result to bring you, as Scott Forrest defeats Amine Boucetta on points over six rounds. 

The main card isn’t to far away now. 

As we continue our build-up to Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith, we have some news concerning another British bust-up.

According to Mike Coppinger, Josh Taylor has suffered an injury to his foot, with his March 4 rematch against Jack Catterall postponed as a result.

Will we ever see that rematch???

In the build-up to the fight, our reporter Jeff Powell spoke to Eubank Jr, who insisted he wants to punish Conor Benn after their October bout fell through.

Benn, who maintains his innocence, failed two drugs tests in the build-up to the fight, which was then axed.

Eubank Jr, despite this, still wants to fight Benn, stating: ’I personally want to punish him badly for what he did to me, to the fighters who would have been on the undercard that night, to the fans, to boxing.’

Read more below…

Eubank responded to the ugly ‘gay’ jibe from Smith by wearing a rainbow armband in support of the LGBT+ community at Friday’s weigh-in.

Their verbal jabs turned sour the day beforehand, and Eubank Jr took his response further by wearing the same rainbow armband football captains were banned from wearing during the World Cup in Qatar at the back end of 2022.

Both came in exactly two pounds below the middleweight limit at 11st 5lbs.

During the build-up to the fight, at Thursday’s presser, Eubank Jr and Smith engaged in a ‘homophobic’ argument which disappointed many watching on.

Sky Sports were forced to apologise after Smith insinuated Eubank Jr was gay, before Eubank Jr in turn made accusations that Smith is unfaithful to his girlfriend.

The row was initiated following remarks made by Eubank Jr earlier this week in which he revealed Smith, 34, has been sending him direct messages on Instagram leading up to the fight.

Read more below…

The main event will take place around 10.30pm, with ring walks expected for 10.15pm. Sky Sports have confirmed the main event won’t start before 10pm.

The exact start time will depend on the prior results. The preliminary action is getting underway, with the main card starting at 7pm.

An important message for anyone thinking about streaming the bout:

Police have threatened boxing fans with potential prison sentences if they are caught illegally streaming fights which require a pay-per-view subscription, such as Saturday’s Middleweight clash between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith

Police are attempting to crack down on illegal streaming for similar events, and new technology allows rights-holding broadcasters to trace the IP addresses of those found to be viewing live sport for up to six months.

Read more below…

"There are going to be 𝐅𝐈𝐑𝐄𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊𝐒!" 🔥@Tyson_Fury is predicting an emphatic victory for his stablemate Joseph Parker against Jack Massey 💥

The fight, which will be a 12-round contest, will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Box Office.

It will cost a total of £19.95 for those in the UK, and €24.95 for Republic of Ireland customers.

For those who want to stream the fight, you will be able to do so on the Sky Sports Box Office app and website, while two repeat showings will take place at 8am and 3pm on Sunday.

Of course, you can also just stick with us!

Of course, Eubank Jr and Smith take centre-stage tonight, but there’s also an abundance of action on the undercard.

The main card is as followed:

A huge night of boxing action is upon us, as Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith go head-to-head at the OA Arena in Manchester.

The pair have become increasingly hostile during the build-up to the fight, with their ugly press conference branded ‘personal’ and ‘homophobic’.

The ugly scenes have raised the stakes further in what was already set to be a very closely contested affair. Fireworks are to be expected.

There is also plenty of action on the undercard, so don’t go anywhere as we build towards the main event.

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