Dutch police set deadline for Alkmaar thugs to hand themselves in

Hand yourselves in or we’ll show your faces on national TV! Hooded Alkmaar fans who attacked West Ham players’ families are given a 3pm deadline to report to police… and 16 have already stepped forward

  • West Ham fans were attacked by a mob of Alkmaar hooligans after semi-final
  • Police said 16 of the black-clad and hooded mob have already come forward
  • The faces of several others will be shown on Dutch Crimestoppers tonight  

The hooded AZ Alkmaar thugs who attacked West Ham fans have been set a deadline to hand themselves in to police – or risk having their faces shown on national television.

Sixteen of the black-clad mob who stormed security barriers to attack a section of Hammers fans – including friends and family of the players – after last Thursday’s Europa Conference League semi-final, have already reported to police.

Now, the police have given the remainder until 4pm local time [3pm UK] on Tuesday to surrender or be seen on Opsporing Verzocht, the Dutch equivalent of Crimestoppers.

The police said, as reported by NRC: ‘If you were involved in these disturbances and you want to prevent your photo from being shown on national television, report to the police as soon as possible.’

The authorities initially planned to show 24 images of the hooligans on the TV show but now that has been reduced to ‘more than ten’. The number may decrease if more hand themselves in.

Police have threatened to show on national TV the faces of the hooded, black-clad AZ Alkmaar hooligans who attacked West Ham fans following last Thursday’s Europa Conference League semi-final. West Ham fan Chris Knoll is seen fighting off the attackers 

The mob of hooligans broke through security in the main stand to confront West Ham fans 

Police said 16 of the group have already handed themselves in to police, as the authorities set a deadline to avoid being shown on Dutch television  

The violent scenes in Alkmaar last Thursday overshadowed West Ham’s 1-0 win on the evening, which secured a 3-1 aggregate triumph and passage to a final with Fiorentina in Prague.

A horde of Alkmaar hooligans raced from the home section across into the main stand, where a pocket of West Ham fans, including guests of the players, were seated.

Hammers players including Michail Antonio, Flynn Downes, Lucas Paqueta and Said Benrahma stopped their post-match celebrations to leap over the hoardings amid serious concern for their loved ones.

Shocking footage showed brave West Ham supporters trading blows with the Alkmaar ultras as they tried to surge up stairways to attack.

One Hammers fan, Chris Knoll, known as ‘Knollsy’, was praised for fending off the thugs until security finally intervened.

The 58-year-old father-of-four, currently recovering from hip replacement surgery, was left with a swollen left eye after taking a number of punches as he fought off the attackers.

58-year-old father-of-four and West Ham fan Chris Knoll fought off the hooligan mob

Michail Antonio (centre) jumped over the advertising hoardings after violence broke out

Lucas Paqueta (right) and Said Benrahma (left) were also among the players to step in 

West Ham fans fended off the hooded attackers in scuffles before it was broken up

On Friday afternoon, West Ham and France goalkeeper Areola called Knoll a ‘legend’ while his wife Marrion Areola Valette added he was the ‘biggest hero’ on a historic night for the Hammers. 

Chris told MailOnline: ‘I’m not a hero. I just did what I had to do. There was another guy who was fending them off. I don’t like bullies and just had to try and stop them. 

‘I just thought the best form of defence was to attack. You could see they were intent of causing trouble and I did not want them to get to those behind us.’  

Sporting a black eye, ‘Knollsy’ received a standing ovation from fellow West Ham fans at their Premier League match with Leeds United on Sunday.

Fans asked for selfies and chanted his name at the Carpenters Arms pub ahead of the 3-1 West Ham win.

West Ham fan Knollsy appeared emotional as supporters chanted his name outside the Carpenters Arms pub after heroically fighting off Dutch ultras last week

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