Eddie Hall decks YouTuber Nile Wilson after he volunteered to take punch from former World’s Strongest Man

EDDIE HALL decked Nile Wilson after the YouTuber volunteered to take a punch from the former World’s Strongest Man.

Hall is preparing to make his boxing debut later this year against strongman rival Hafthor Bjornsson.

And Wilson – a retired Olympic gymnast – was on hand to feel the full force of the Brit's power.

Hall, who stands 6ft 3in and 25STONE, completely dwarfed the 5ft 6in, 9st 4lb, ex-athlete.

Wilson attempted a punch of his own but it has no affect whatsoever on the super-heavyweight.

Hall, 33, said: "The thing is, mate, I train – with my training, I'll hang on a bar and my training partner will smash me in the gut.

"Obviously, as you can see, I've also got a massive wall of thick muscle there."

Later on, Hall lands a single jab to Wilson, who is wearing a body belt – but it still sent him flying.

Wilson, 25, said:  "My brain hit the back of my head."

Hall then joked: "I think I might have actually knocked him out…"

But Wilson rather unconvincing replied: "I'm alright, yeah."

Hall and 'Thor' Bjornsson are set to fight in Las Vegas in September, billed the 'heaviest boxing match in history'.

Bjornsson, 32, recently boxed in a three-round exhibition bout in Dubai against Irish cruiserweight Steven Ward to prepare for the grudge match.

Both giants have dramatically transformed their bodies as they swap weight lifting for tireless punching.

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