If flogging Wembley to Shahid Khan and investing in grassroots gives us a better chance of winning the World Cup… let's sell

Khan insists it will be a good deal for everyone involved and will free up the debt the FA currently have.

It is a little odd though, a bit like your mate rocking up to buy your house, but you still pop round for that cuppa now and then and have to endure their new decor.

Without knowing all the ins and out of the deal it's hard to form a final opinion on where I stand on it. However, at the moment I'm swaying towards pro sell.

My only concern is if we are going to sell Wembley why not try and get the best deal and see if anyone else is interested, why sell to the first person who comes along?

But I do like what Khan is saying, and if he sticks to his side of the deal, then it could be great for English football.

When Khan stated, "It would also do a lot of good things for the FA, letting them focus, and investing in the grassroots with the goal of winning the world cup", he had me at Grassroots.

If we could work on attracting more youngsters from different backgrounds, I think we may have a shot at one day winning the World Cup again.

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It isn't enough just to have a decent left foot, you need to have a smart mind too. Football is evolving all the time.

I understand why most people are upset about the proposal, Wembley is a big part of our history, but we can't be stuck in the past – living off our success of 1966.

We need to look to the future, and I agree with Khan, it would be fantastic to focus on the development of grassroots. And not only for players, but young referees too.

At the moment I don't think enough encouragement is given to young referees starting out, and I speak from experience there.

When I did my referee course in 2015, I was promised a mentor from the FA, which I never received, and my examiner who came to watch the first match I refereed by myself was very patronising.

He said I didn't do a bad job for a 17-year-old girl! I was 28-years-old! He didn't fill me with any confidence. I would say he did the opposite in fact and put me off entirely.

I think the FA should listen to the fans before they make any drastic decisions, but I doubt this is something that has just come about, it has perhaps been in talks for some time.

Khan is very successful and determined and plans to be the new owner by August. With that said I don't think grumbling about it is going to do much so I guess we should all concentrate on the FA getting the best possible deal and making sure they spend the money wisely.

But let's be honest, if someone turned up on your doorstep and offered a take it or leave it mega-money deal for your house, I think most of us would probably start packing!

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