Floyd Mayweather 'dating & planning baby with' British stripper at his club after he's filmed getting lapdance from her

FLOYD MAYWEATHER is dating the "lead" dancer at his strip club and wants to have a baby with her, a source has claimed.

The boxer has been seeing Brit-American Anna Monroe, who works at his Vegas strip joint Girl Collection, for months and the couple went official with their relationship on New Year's Day – telling family and friends in the UK the news over FaceTime, according to a friend.

And despite "Money" Mayweather claiming he hasn't had a lap dance in 20 years, an exclusive video obtained by The Sun shows the boxing champ grinning as he enjoys a lap dance from blonde Anna at his club.

A family friend told The Sun: "They have been seeing each other on and off for a while, whenever Floyd decides.

"Now Floyd wants another child he only wants Anna to be the mother.

"They FaceTimed Anna's family in England on New Year's Day to tell them officially about their relationship.

"They are definitely dating now and have spoken about having a baby.

"They met at Floyd's club Girl Collection.

"Anna was born in America but her parents moved to England for work when she was younger.

"She then moved back to America when she was 22.

"She went for an interview for the job at Girl Collection but was declined, however as she was leaving she passed Floyd in the corridor.

"The next day the club called her and asked her to go back in and Floyd was there in person with a candle lit dinner in the strip club to tell her she got the job and she was now the lead girl."

Since then Anna has posted photos of her and Mayweather on holiday posing outside the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

The pair have also posted pictured of themselves at the exact same locations at the same time in Paris, France; Abu Dhabi, UAE; the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland; Santorini, Greece and Amsterdam, Holland.

Floyd's representative did not comment when asked about his relationship with Anna but he can be clearly seen enjoying a lap dance from the blonde in The Sun's video.

Wearing a revealing black dress, the blonde can be seen grinding against the boxer at the club to the Nicki Minaj song Sir.

Floyd, dressed in a baseball cap and patterned shirt, can be seen grinning and rubbing his hand against her butt. 

The boxer has always maintained that despite owning a strip joint, he never partakes, telling Jimmy Kimmel he had not had a lap dance in two decades.

“I haven’t had a lap dance in 20 years — just because you own a strip club, it doesn’t mean you have to get a lap dance," he said in a TV interview ahead of his Conor McGregor fight.

“I got into the strip club business because I knew that breasts, vaginas, music and alcohol will never go out of style.”

The source said that Anna's family are supporting her but they are concerned about the relationship due to Mayweather's track record with women including his ex Josie Harris who he was accused of attacking.

"No one is taking the news well," the friend said.

"Everyone knows Floyd Mayweather beat his other girlfriend up.

"Her dad is worried sick but Floyd just reels them in with money.

"Yeah when they have a child that child will be set up for life but Floyd will eventually get fed up with Anna and hurt her one way or another.

"Her father tried explaining that to her but she's so in love with him with can't see past it, it's almost like she's been brainwashed."

Mayweather served two months behind bars after he was convicted for attacking his ex Josie and the pair split up.

Josie, the mom of Mayweather's three kids, was found dead at the wheel of her car in California on March 9 last year after an accidental drug overdose.

She was writing a tell-all book about the beatings she suffered at this hands, at the time of her death.

In an extract of her unpublished book, shared with The Sun at the time, Josie describes how Mayweather allegedly grabbed her by the hair while she was still sleeping, dragged her around the room of her home in Las Vegas "like a rag doll" before punching her repeatedly in the head, screaming: "I’ll f**king kill you".

Mayweather denied the allegations in an interview with Katie Couric at the time.

"Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs," he told her.

"Yes, I did. So if they say that's domestic violence, then, you know what? I'm guilty. I'm guilty of restraining someone."

Josie was in the middle of a $20 million lawsuit against Mayweather over the claims she was on drugs – when she died.

The Sun reached out to Anna and a representative for Floyd for comment but they did not respond.

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