Former NFL Star Understands Why Colin Kaepernick Is Unsigned

At least one former NFL star understands why Kaepernick isn’t being signed.

Colin Kaepernick is going through a big collusion grievance against the NFL. It is a process that likely is not going to help the former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback find work. At this point in time, it is simply the last option that he had to try to force his way back into the league as teams continue to decide against offering him a contract.

Why are teams staying away from Kaepernick? There are a couple of reasons that explain the hesitance.

First of all, Kaepernick is known mainly for his off-the-field causes. He began the kneeling during the national anthem, which caused a major uproar from NFL fans. Kaepernick also has not been able to show consistency as a quarterback, especially when it comes to his accuracy as a passer.

Many people are up in arms about NFL teams being unwilling to sign Kaepernick. Some believe that it is proof that the NFL is allowing race to play a factor in roster decisions. That being said, there is at least one former NFL star who completely understand why teams are staying away from Kaepernick.

Former NFL star running back Herschel Walker chimed in with his opinion on the Kaepernick situation.

“I read where they asked him if he would still kneel if they hired him, and he said he wasn’t sure or he may, and that tells you right there that he doesn’t want to work. My point is: I think what he was doing was great. I think what he stood for was great. Black lives matter. Right now I think he’s got to remember that you have teams saying, ‘If you do what we ask you to do, you may have a job.’ But he don’t wanna do it…. I own a chicken company. If the guy that I hire don’t want to do what I ask him to do, why do I hire him? And I think that’s the problem right there, you know.”

Walker makes a great point with his opinion on the matter. If teams are asking Kaepernick to stand for the anthem and he says no, they have no obligation to hire him. Just like in any other business, if you refuse to do what the “boss” tells you to do, you aren’t going to be working for that company.

Expect to hear more about Kaepernick in the near future. He is not going to drop this grievance and will continue battling the league and trying to force his way back in until there are no other options to do so.

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