Iconic Mitre Ultimax ball used in Premier League to be re-released as part of special 25th anniversary tribute

MITRE are bringing back the classic Ultimax ball in a special re-release to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

There was hardly a back garden or a park in the late 1990s where a replica Ultimax was not being booted around.

As the Premier League's official ball from 1995 to 2000, the design became iconically associated with the English game.

In fact, no ball has served the top-flight as long as the Mitre product.

On Friday, the English manufacturer are re-releasing a select number of the Ultimax for a special sale.

Just 600 are available for nostalgia fans with £130 buying you an Ultimax in a collectors' box, with a certificate and a unique edition number.

However, fans who don't have that kind of capital for a special football can buy the replica for £27.

With the release, Mitre stated: "The new Ultimax balls are made with the same materials and hand-stitched to the same exacting standards of the original.

"Each ball comes in its own presentation box with a certificate and is individually numbered. It’s not just a ball, it’s a piece of footballing history.

"As well as being inspired by the original Mitre Ultimax, the design of the new Mitre ’95 apparel range is influenced by 90s retro fashion styles.

"Using the vintage embroidered logo mixed up with the Mitre Delta patterned taping.

"The exceptional detail even goes down the care label, which has been reintroduced and exactly the same as the 90s football jerseys."

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