What John Cena still has left to achieve in the WWE as wrestling legend turns 41

Love him or hate him, nearly everyone respects John Cena. At the top of the game for over a decade, he has dominated the world of wrestling and been the poster boy for the WWE.

Over the last few years he has begun to make the transition over to Hollywood, staring in more films, and having less of an impact inside the ring.

However, that does not mean he is finished. Not by a long shot. His returns are treated as a big deal, and although he is not around as much as he used to be, Cena still shifts more merchandise than anyone else and is always on the cusp of the main event scene.

His debut on WWE TV came nearly 15-years-ago, in a now infamous segment with Kurt Angle, Cena answered his open challenge, slapped him in the face and ushered in the ‘Ruthless Aggression’ era. From that point there was no looking back…

From his Doctor of Thuganomics persona right through to becoming leader of the Cenation, he has split opinion amongst fans. Whilst half cheer "Let’s go Cena" the rest will respond with "Cena Sucks!"

His legacy has already been cemented, and plenty of wrestlers, journalists and fans a like would argue he is the true greatest of all time – regardless of his sometime limited in-ring technical ability.

As he turns 41, and with a whole host of records and achievements to his name already, is there much for him left to do in the WWE? We have a look…

Break Ric Flair’s record

If you don’t think that Cena is the greatest of all time, you probably think that the accolade belongs to Ric Flair.

The Nature Boy is a 16-time World Champion (reigns recognised by the WWE), a feat unmatched until Cena tied him back in January 2017 – defeating AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble.

It has caused debate amongst fans whether Cena should be allowed to break the record, with Flair being seen as a pioneer of the sport in the 1970s and 80s, it was an achievement none imagined anyone would come close to.

However, Cena is now just one World title win away from claiming top spot for himself, and despite a part-time schedule he is still young enough and valuable enough to earn another piece of wrestling history.

Become a Grand Slam Champion

It is hard to believe that John Cena is yet to win every title that the WWE has to offer, but that is the case.

The Intercontinental title has eluded The Face of the WWE and as such so has the honor of becoming a Grand Slam Champion.

Only a select few have earned that accolade, Jeff Hardy and Seth Rollins being the latest to join the club, and you can bet that Cena will be itching to add to his legacy.

The fact it’s traditional a mid-card belt will not bother Cena, as shown in recent years he has no problem in putting over talent and dropping down the card. His run with the US championship in 2015 was highly entertaining as he issued open challenges, another series of these would be welcomed.

Turn heel

It has been a long time since the fans booed John Cena because he was a bad guy, rather than booing him because they simply didn’t like his booking.

He has not been a heel for coming up to 15 years, after turning to the good side at No Mercy in October 2003. It has been a truly remarkable run as a good guy, even if it did overstay its welcome.

There were plans to turn Cena during his feud with The Rock back in 2012, they even went as far as designing new ring gear and new entrance music before Vince McMahon got cold feet and pulled the idea.

Although he is a great ambassador for the company with his charity work for Make-A-Wish a shining example there are others in the WWE who can step up and fill this void.

Ironically, if the time comes when he did turn heel, he would likely be cheered universally, with fans clamouring to see this twist for years now.

Fill an authority role

As much as he might believe it, John Cena won’t be able to go in the ring for ever.

And although he has a fledging Hollywood career, nothing is set in stone when it comes to acting.

One of the only things that Cena has not done in the WWE is fill the role of a general manager on RAW or SmackDown. The roles have been fulfilled by a who’s who of names in the past, and seeing Cena call the shots would be pretty cool.

It is one for the later down the line, if he ever does decide he wants to take up the role, but it would be a great way to wind down his active in-ring career whilst also remaining on the product.

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