Mike Schmidt In Hot Water For Sexist Remarks

The Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player apologized on Monday for his attempted humor.

Hall of Fame Major League Baseball player Mike Schmidt made some comments on Sunday that many are viewing as sexist. People took to social media to voice their anger at Schmidt. Some of them called for him to pulled off the air. He issued a statement through NBC Sports Philadelphia on Monday in which he offered an apology for his “mistake” and said that it was a failed attempt at being “humorous.”

In the bottom of the second inning during Sunday’s Phillies-Braves game, the hall of famer made his comments while talking about Brandon McCarthy, pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. As reported by USA Today, while talking about McCarthy’s separated shoulder, Schmidt mentioned a tweet made by the pitcher’s wife Amanda. In the tweet, she commented that her husband was still not able to wash the dishes because of his injury. Mike followed that by saying, “I have a dishwasher at home myself: my wife. That was bad. Actually, I do the dishes, most of the time.” Mike proceeded to dig himself in further when he said, “You’re staring at me. Me Too movement. Where does that fit in?” In his apology on Monday, Schmidt said that his daughter marched for the Me Too movement in Boston and that he fully supported her in that.

Many people didn’t find the humor in Schmidt’s comments and took to Twitter to express their irritation. One person called him “a clown and an embarrassment” and called for him to be removed from the booth. Others called him out for what they viewed as an attempt at humor about sexual harassment.

Attacks were not, however, limited to Mike Schmidt. Twitter users also chided Tom McCarthy who was broadcasting with him.

Schmidt has been broadcasting Sunday Phillies games and has been criticized for inappropriate comments before. As reported by Fox News, he stated last year that he didn’t believe a team could be built around Venezuelan Phillies center fielder Odubel Herrera because of a “language barrier.” He explained that because of the language barrier, Herrera wouldn’t be able to discuss baseball or support and work with other players. He later apologized for his comments.

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