Questions remain over Toronto Wolfpack's figures ahead of crucial meeting

TORONTO Wolfpack must convince Super League clubs their figures are serious as they battle to stay in Super League.

For one doubter has dubbed them ‘a great work of fiction.’

And SunSport understands the Canadian side has asked for £2 million worth of central distribution, which is MORE than some other sides already get!

They are also believed to have factored in a forecast of up to £500,000 a year from a private equity investment deal into Super League, which has not yet happened.

Wolfpack sources also suspect they may not even get a definite yes to remaining in Super League today – the best they can get is asking prospective owner Carlo LiVolsi to present to the other 11 sides next week.

Clubs and the Super League board meet today to decide on whether to give Toronto the chance to stay in the top flight after withdrawing for 2020 or kick them out.

Toronto need seven votes of 13 – all 11 clubs plus the Super League governing body and the Rugby Football League get one – to progress.

However, the 80-page document they submitted, plus the extra information they were asked for, has not answered all doubts.

LiVolsi’s aims are also being questioned – does he have rugby league’s future at heart or is he just looking for something to launch a range of grooming products?

SunSport has been told by one club boss they also doubt the figures over their projected revenues in the paperwork.

LiVolsi has promised to pay all owed wages to players – four months’ worth totalling more than £500,000 – if he is given the go ahead to take Toronto over.

And boss Brian McDermott is in regular contact with players currently under contract, including Sonny Bill Williams, while those who have agreed to join are also still committed.

A major PR offensive has been launched, highlighting the fact the Wolfpack attracted crowds of 10,000 on the other side of the Atlantic, where they have not been able to play because of Covid-19.

However, the other clubs and the governing bodies want proof a second chance will work and not leave them embarrassed again further down the line.

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