Rafael dos Anjos blasts Conor McGregor's performance against Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 and calls him 'a little boy'

RAFAEL DOS ANJOS said that Conor McGregor looked like "a little boy" during hisUFC 264 trilogy bout against Dustin Poirier.

The long-awaited trilogy fight between McGregor and Poirier was stopped in the first round, after 'The Notorious' sustained a grisly broken tibia in his left leg.

Dustin Poirier was declared the winner by TKO via doctor stoppage, and McGregor was sent to hospital, where he underwent surgery, and will now spend the next six weeks on crutches.

Dos Anjos was lined up as a replacement if either fighter had to pull out of the PPV on short notice, and even weighed in in case he was called upon.

He and McGregor had a confrontation backstage at the UFC 264 weigh-ins, with dos Anjos saying that, had he been inserted into the fight opposite the Dubliner, he believed he would have beaten him.

He told MMA Junkie: "I think my ground game is way more powerful than Poirier’s. It would be way different.


"Conor, he looked so sloppy, he looked so small. I met him at the weigh-in day and we had a small altercation in the back room and he looks so small. He looks like a little boy. I would smash that guy.”

In a tweet following the fight, Rafael dos Anjos – who was forced to pull out of a fight with McGregor in 2016 due to a broken foot – made light of the injury, in reference to Conor mocking the Brazilian's injury.


Dos Anjos defended his tweet and said that McGregor was getting a taste of his own medicine.

He continued: "I don’t want anything bad for him, I wish him a speedy recovery, but I had to do that. I had to do that. People are still making fun with my injury.

"That’s what’s bugging me a lot, because people make fun of somebody’s injury. I didn’t make fun of his injury. I just showed because it’s a combat sport, we punch each other not only in the fight, but in training as well.

"I broke my foot. I was in a cast for six weeks and this guy made fun of me. All his fans, all his supporters making fun of me for years. Now he tastes his own medicine.

“Even Friday at the weigh-ins, he said, ‘Hey, you ducked me with a sore foot. He said the same thing on Friday too, that Dustin Poirier would leave the cage on a stretcher, and look how things happened.

"He left on a stretcher with a broken foot. So, he's getting his own thing. He’s tasting his own venom and his own medicine and that’s it. I wish him a speedy recovery, but that’s what he got by talking too much.”

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