Seth Rollins steals the show and retains his Intercontinental Title

Seth Rollins retained his Intercontinental Title in a simply brilliant ladder match, snatching the belt from the finger tips of Finn Balor.

In a ring with Samoa Joe, The Miz and Balor, it was a show stealing performance from all involved as they started quick and did not slow down.

With Balor poised to grab the belt, Rollins sprung onto the ladder and ripped the title from his grasp, as fans went wild for the mayhem on show.

Greeted with "This is Awesome" chants at the start of their match, Seth Rollins dominated the early stages and pulled out two suicide dives on Miz and Balor, going for a ladder, Joe prevented him but Balor himself dived to the outside in the first big spot of the match.

Finn was the first to make his way up the ladder after crashing the body of Joe onto the metal, Miz pulled him down but was soon sent out the ring by Rollins as the crowd applauded their Champion.

Forming a short alliance to dispose of Finn and Seth, Miz tried keeping the big Samoan on side to no avail as he clattered into the A-Lister – much to the approval of those in the stadium.

The pacing of the match was quick from the off and showed no signs of slowing down, Samoan Joe hit a Tower of Doom spot on Rollins and Balor as the crowd once again showed its appreciation to all those putting body on the line.

Miz actually had his hands on the title at one stage, fighting off Rollins and Balor after they interrupted his climb up the ladder. However, the tables turned once more as Balor hit his stomp with Miz resting on a ladder.

It was now Finn’s time to shine, and with his body visibly showing wear and tear from this brutal fight, tipping Joe off the ladder, he was all alone before Rollins sprung onto the ladder and snatched his title from the grasp of the Irishman.

A shock ending to a great fight, people were not ready for it be over. But it was a unique finish and made sense in that these matches can end any time. Finn was left bloodied from the eye, but everyone came across as a star in this one.

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