Thomas Hearns reveals his five-step formula to beating Floyd Mayweather including focus on jabbing and avoid body shots

BOXING legend Thomas Hearns has revealed a five-step formula he believes would be enough to beat fellow great Floyd Mayweather.

And it could be music to the ears of Logan Paul, with the YouTuber believed to be in line to fight Mayweather in an exhibition fight in the near future.

Mayweather retired from boxing with an unblemished 50-fight record.

His last victory came when he silenced UFC star Conor McGregor with a tenth-round stoppage win in 2017.

Another money-spinner is in the pipeline to fight social media sensation Paul.

In an interview with The Ring Magazine as reported by World Boxing News, Hearns ran through five tactics he would have employed that he thinks would have seen him beat Mayweather.

Unfortunately their two paths never crossed – Hearns was up at cruiserweight and beyond as Mayweather was making a name for himself at feather mid-to-late 1990s.

The 61-year-old believes the five key ingredients would be: Out-think, out-jab, force him to keep on moving his head, unleash with the right hand and avoid body shots.

The five-weight world champion known as 'Hitman' explained: “Against me, I would have to respect him.

“I think that he could go the distance with me. I would have to out-think him and definitely out-jab him. He’s a shorter man. So he can’t get to me.

“I would have to keep the jab on him and keep him at a distance. Force him to use his head movement all of the time. Somewhere down the line, I would probably hit him with a couple of right hands.

“I would probably get him with a good right hand if not an average right hand. If I was to go to the body, you know that might play into what he is probably trying to do strategically.

“I think that if I got closer to him trying to land a body shot, that would be what he wants. So I think that my best thing would be to stay on the outside and box him. “

But I think that he could go the distance with me.”

Hearns seemingly retired from boxing in 2000 after retiring against Uriah Grant.

But he made a stunning comeback in 2005, winning two fights before going out on a win.

He was part of the 'Fab Four' era of the 1980s alongside Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray Leonard at welterweight and super-welter.

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