WWE legend Christian signs with rivals AEW as fans grimace over botch in 'exploding barbed wire match' at Revolution PPV

WWE legend Christian has become the latest to join All Elite Wrestling.

The star, 47, came out of retirement at the Royal Rumble in January and looked set to enjoy another run in Vince McMahon’s company.

However, he shocked everybody by turning up as Paul Wight’s mystery ‘Hall of Fame signing’ that he had promised the world at AEW’s Revolution pay-per-view.

Christian’s return at the Rumble following a seven-year absence led to speculation he would be sticking around in WWE.

However, he was mysteriously not included in any storylines after the event, leading to rumours of his departure to AEW.

Now the former TNA champ and WWE icon will be competing as Christian Cage for Tony Khan’s backed promotion after becoming the latest big name to arrive.

Meanwhile, one of the first men to jump ship for WWE to AEW was involved in a brutal exploding barbwire deathmatch that ended in a major botch.

Jon Moxley challenged champion Kenny Omega in the bout that had three sides of the ring covered in barbwire, which would explode upon impact.

There was also a bed of barbwire outside the ring, that Moxley used to hit a Deathrider on Omega from the apron.

Another rule of the match is that the ring is supposed to explode on the 30 minute mark.


However, fans were left deflated after the extravaganza ended in meek fashion.

The Good Brothers showed up to help Omega retain his title before they handcuffed Moxley in the ring and left him there as the clock neared the half hour mark.

Eddie Kingston rushed out to try and save his former rival but he was too late and was still in the ring as the timer went off.

However, in a believed botch, just a few sparkles and tame flames appeared in what can not even be described as an explosion. 

Kingston acted as if he had been blown up while Jim Ross and the commentary team described the scenes as if something horrible had happened.

AEW owner Yony Khan said afterwards: “I don’t know what some people wanted short of actually blowing both the guys up. There’s only so much we can do.”


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